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    • Batting practice at Rangers Ballpark
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  • 7/26/08
  • richpryor
I plan on going to one of the Yankee-Ranger games but I wanna go to batting practice and try to snag a ball or an autograph. When is the best time to do that at the ballpark?
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  • 7/26/08
  • ncxcstud
i think i read somewhere that only season ticket holders can get in early enough to catch BP...I may be wrong though, heck I live in South Carolina :)
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  • 7/26/08
  • repsort
They usually open the gates a little earlier when they play the Yankees, I would call 817-273-5222 and ask what time the gates open for the date you want and then be there a little bit before that time.
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  • 7/26/08
  • HammerHank

I think to season ticket holders they open all of the gates at 5:30, but for non-season ticket holders, the 1b and 3b gates open at 6 pm. I am not sure you would have to ask PurpleDog or Repsort they would know the best.

Cause like the poster above...I live in Ohio.

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  • 7/29/08

gates usually open 1.5 -2 hrs before game time. Like rep said they normally open early for the yanks series.....

don't get your hopes up for a Yankee autograph cuz more than likely it isn't happening.......

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