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    • bay to Seattle?
  • 12/5/12
  • Ender15

Rumored to be less than a million dollars.

If he is truly done, as it seems, he can go join Chone Figgins quite easily. It's possible that this isn't even a major league contract and he may not make it out of ST.

Edited 12/5/12   by  Ender15
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  • 12/5/12
  • murphstates
Heyman says it's a major league deal and seven figures.
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  • 12/5/12
  • PigIron
I wish the guy well but it's mind boggling how in MLB you can completely s uck and still make more money.
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  • 12/5/12
  • RomneyandRyan
So why didn't we just trade him to Seattle for say $200,000 and ate the rest of the salary like we did.
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  • 12/5/12
  • gomets66
couldnt defer money that way.
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