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    • Santana.
  • 12/16/12
  • DFAB
If he pitches well, the Mets BETTER be willing to eat his ENTIRE remaining salary to get back the best possible prospect. I can see the Mets trading him to save whatever money they can and get back an average prospect.
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  • 12/16/12
  • bucknerismyhero
This is my hope as well, and why not? We are going to be paying Santana that money either way...
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  • 12/16/12
  • JamesHetfi3ld

Well, not if a team is willing to eat some of it.

I agree with DFAB, that's the most likely scenario given the financial state of the team right now.

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  • 12/16/12
  • bbjmparis

What depth do we have at starting pitching??? Assuming Dickey is gone we have...

1-Niese. A good pitcher, but not a #1
2-Santana. His arm is attached by duct tape. He was great. Now, he's a 5 inning pitcher who
gets by on guile. Excellent chance he'll break down in July.
3-Gee- Coming back from a serious medical problem. Nothing special anyway.
4-Harvey- Who knows? My guess is something like 8-15 and an ERA around 4. Could be better.
Could be a lot worse. A Question mark at best.
5-??? Who knows? Mejia or Familia? Both stink. Wheeler in July? Probably, but who knows what
he'll be. He didn't look to swift in Buffalo last year.

That gives us one proven major league pitcher who's healthy. How does that equal pitching depth?
Sounds like a 90+ loss staff...because it is.

Stop believing Met PR hype. Trading Dickey destroyed our starting pitching.

God help the Mets. They are going to need it.

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  • 12/16/12
  • djiboutirox
2013 is going to su..ck, yes.
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  • 12/16/12
  • JamesHetfi3ld

It was never about 2013. And what difference would Dickey make if the team surrounding him is bad?

Need to start forming future year teams... This one is a 4th place team. We knew this going in.

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  • 12/16/12
  • sheadro
I'm excited for opening day... In Vegas
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