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  • 1/29/13
  • brotherfox

He'll be a lot better than Olivo if he stays healthy. He hits for a high average, something Olivo did once in eleven seasons.

Edit: I should add that Zunino could flounder against ML pitching, so I did overstate the case for his future. But, what the heck...I'm HOPING he'll keep his average up as he advances through the system.

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  • 1/29/13
  • MikeBroth

I don't know if any or most have seen him play in person. I've been told on Twitter by Rick Randall at Scout.com and hearing Gordon Grossmans interview from Baseball Prospectus that Zunino just needs more time to improve his defense to the MLB level just an adjustment period. It's believed his ability could top out at Buster Posey similarities when he's fully matured.

I don't expect him to start out being an All-Star catcher in his 1st or 2nd year. Of course things can change if he has a setback or injury.

At worst he'll still be a better catcher than anyone we had last year and 2013.

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  • 1/29/13
  • ljs1993
Ahh I see. I was hoping some of you guys that are local perhaps went to some AquaSox games and checked him out.
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  • 1/29/13
  • MikeBroth

Seen a couple games on TV though. He didn't make any mistakes during those games.

Unfortunately living in SoCal doesn't allow me to catch the Mariners minor league games. I was hoping he'd make a quick stop in high desert only 2-3 hours north. Fortunately Spring training is only a 1/2 day drive away.

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  • 1/31/13
  • KitsapFan
I actually did see him play one game in Everett. That's not much of a eye test. He looked good to me. He moved pretty good behind the plate, so I'm not sure where the footwork problem is coming from. Most importantly, he just looks like a really good athlete. That's a very limited sample, but added to the reports of "raw talent with great upside" and the M's might have the real deal.
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  • 1/31/13
  • FelixForever34

I saw him 3 games in Everett (and one game In Spokane, my first game in Spokane actually)

Footwork seemed fine, but yeah, little odd with the throw (of the two things its the least worry some)...I dont remember if he seem to lean away to the side, or to much back as he stood up...I do remember like it was a bit slow...but he was dynamite at the plate, and its what everyone has on the front of their mind.

I didnt go there to analyze Zunino, so I probably wasnt paying enough attentions to the details of his throws....but it was a little slow. (that part I remember, because I had asked a friend in Spokane if that was a problem...but assured me, footwork is better to have down, other stuff he can fix quicker)

The only thing I remember was the Dingers! and it seemed no one could get him out.

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