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    • Predict where Harang and Capuano will end up
  • 1/26/13

I don't want to trade Bills. If he is what he was before he got hurt, then we are looking at having two legit No. 2 pitchers. Yes, he has had his inconsistency issues and yet when you look at him and his record over the past six seasons, he always ranks in the top 30 of all pitchers in the league. You just don't throw those guys around. There are only thirty teams in MLB and you want to trade a top 30 pitcher? This part of the post is not directed to you 65.

To the other point. We need to hold on to Harang through spring training. If Lilly were more tradeable (he's not because of injury and salary), I would deal him before Harang. Harang would provide insurance as the fifth starter, but I also think he is probably more suited to bullpen work than the other two. I think he has better stuff than Lilly, which would allow him to go hard for an inning or two at a time. I even think that he could make it as a closer if he was relied on to go hard for only an inning at a time. He would have more plus pitches to rely on than either Cappy or Lilly. I think Cappy has the most trade value as a starter at this time.

One thing about Cappy. I would not be surprised to see his endurance get better as he gets further away from Tommy John surgery. We ould be wishing we had Capuano over Ryu.

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  • 1/26/13
  • ifyoucanthityoumustsit
Yeah, me too, if they would do it, but they won't. The Dodgers are gonna keep Gordon and waste another year finding out what they already know, he can't cut it. Frankly I don't think its a talent issue, Gordon's talent is oozing all over. I think he's lacking savy, can he learn it, who knows.......
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Message 128660.60 was deleted
  • 1/28/13
  • stealth08

"I am glad we have smart owners running the team,and not arm chair General Managers like you."

Well, when we post on here we're all arm chair GMs. That's what makes it interesting when people have different points of view on the team. Otherwise this would just be a boring place.

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  • To:All
  • 1/30/13
  • 65dodgers
I really think there is a great possibility that we'll trade Harang back to San Diego. He did well there and I'm sure they'd like to have him back. They need pitching. What can we get for him from their farm system?
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