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  • 1/18/13
  • rushhead

This forum would be boring without you and a few others on here who I have grown to really like over the years! I even like Tigger Bounce. LOL!

What incredible knowledge! I love Joe! Born in Martinez. No wonder he was hired by Finley so he could stay local. Just guessing!

I was just in Martinez a few weeks ago. I tried to find the DiMaggio boat down by the Marina and it was GONE!!!!


I was saddened by this actually.

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  • 1/18/13
  • BeaneBall

"I'm happy - for once..."

I circled the date on the calendar :-)

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  • 1/18/13
  • catfish71
Those Mr. Coffee ads didn't begin until the 70's so he may have actually needed the pension by the late 60's, although I certainly don't know for sure. Unlike today when every ex-player seems to become a manager or a TV talking head, DiMaggio did neither of those, and I don't think he did the casino greeter/glandhander job like Reggie does currently---for 700K a year! While making 100K in 1951 sounds like a lot, according to Wikipedia, he took a job as a military post-exchange supplier, whatever the heck that was. Apparently he quit that job when he asked Marilyn Monroe to marry him again---just before her death.
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  • 1/19/13
  • fugetit

Do you want to have Billy's baby, Rush?

That would prove your absolute dedication to the A's!

It would also be immaculate contraption! hehe

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  • 1/19/13
  • rushhead


I would prefer to have Yoenis Cespedes' baby!

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