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    • Happy birthday, # 5
  • 5/18/07
  • lynnrd

Brooks has a street named after him for the occasion:


Street named for Orioles great Brooks Robinson
Jaime Malarkey, The Examiner
2007-05-17 07:00:00.0
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BALTIMORE - Former Oriole catcher Gus Triandos always had one leg up on his friend and teammate Brooks Robinson: a street named after him.

But, standing on a street sandwiched between Park Heights Avenue and Stevenson Road in Baltimore County Wednesday, Robinson tied the score.

He said he was itching to go home and call his old buddy.

“Guess what, Gus?” Robinson joked. “Take that.”

The county unveiled the new street, Brooks Robinson Drive, on the “human vacuum cleaner’s” 70th birthday.

County dignitaries gathered by the new double-sided street signs that will replace existing ones on Radio Tower Drive, not far from the home Robinson shares year-round with his wife, Connie.

Police officers assigned to patrol the event brought baseballs for autographs, and one local radio director asked Robinson to sign a jersey he swore he will “be buried in.”

County Executive Jim Smith also appeared starstruck, asking the legendary third baseman to sign a photo of the pair taken 24 years ago, when Smith was a County Councilman and Robinson was a recent Hall of Fame inductee.

“ ‘Drive’ is the right ending to this road name because this man has had drive all his life, and will now have it forever and ever and ever,” Smith said.

Robinson, a Little Rock, Ark., native, retired in 1977 after 23 years as a Baltimore Oriole, Major League Baseball’s second-longest tenure with a club.

He won 16 consecutive Gold Glove Awards during his career and played in four World Series, capturing the World Series MVP in 1970.

County Councilman Joe Bartenfelder, D-District 6, brought his daughter to meet the man he called “the definition of the Oriole way.” Other county employees attended, hoping to shake hands with their childhood hero.

“He was always a classy guy, never under any suspicion for anything, and he showed up for work,” said Don Rascoe, deputy director of the county’s permits department. “He also happened to be a tremendous player.”

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  • 5/18/07
  • lynnrd
The way Brooks tells it, he was approached, but the O's wanted more of Brooks' time than he was willing to give. He has a lot going on -- spending time w/grandkids, playing golf, motivational speaking, getting the independent league team in York off the ground ...
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  • 5/18/07
  • willym

Lynnster, thanks for the interesting info about Brooks Robinson Drive.

Makes me wonder, though - where the heck is Gus Triandos Street?

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  • 5/18/07
  • cabrera45
true...i never got to see him play but i can appreciate him...he ll i was named after him
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  • 5/18/07
  • Orioles_2014
I was 18 and I remember the newspaper headlines the day after " ORIOLES DIS-MANTLE BIG RED MACHINE ". Wish I would have kept that newspaper.
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  • 5/18/07
  • oriolesmyboyz
I think you had to see this guy play to truly understand how really special he was. I was blessed to see him and in my heart he was the greatest of all time and not just because he was an Oriole. It's so cool that he is remembered and respected to this day, he had a great series with the bat and glove in 70'.He makes me proud to be an O's fan and i'm sure many feel the same way.How nice would it be to get him involved in some way with the O's as has been mentioned.I know he's 70 and has a busy schedule , but i would be honored just to see him .
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  • 5/18/07
  • brooksiefan

The reason I have been an Oriole fan for 44 years, and my son's middle name is Brooks..

Happy Birthday #5

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  • 5/18/07
  • brobbygold
Brooks... My All Time Favorite. Never had a dog, but named my Fantasy Team after him. BRobbyGold...... some of the younger fans might think it is for Brian Roberts! It is my tribute to the best fielding 3B ever. Can't tell yopu how many hours I spent throwing a ball against a wall or stairs... anything to practice my fielding! Happy Birthday. Mr. Robinson..... one of the great PEOPLE in the game. Thank You Brooks!!
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  • 5/21/07
  • lynnrd
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