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  • 1/17/13
  • BeaneBall

I've read that DiMaggio, after his playing career, was a person who did nothing unless it resulted in a monetary payoff. He trusted no one and was invariably suspect of anyone he met, fearing they were interested in fleecing him.

I don't think he had any need for a pension. He was an extremely wealthy individual. But, it doesn't surprise me that he would coach for two years to get an MLB pension, which was peanuts to him. Remember those Mr. Coffee TV ads? They paid him serious money:


"Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life" (Richard Ben Cramer) is a well-written biography.

BTW, Joe made $100K/yr. in '49, '50 & '51 ($952,381 in today's dollars). That was the highest salary in MLB at the time and not chicken feed by any means.

Edited 1/17/13   by  BeaneBall
Edited 1/17/13   by  BeaneBall
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  • 1/17/13
  • glusv

I always admired he turned down $100k for one year from the Yanks and retired, he knew when to call it quits.

I agree, he wasn't making chicken feed. He was asked what $$$$$$ he would expect given his stats if playing in the modern age and he replied, "the team."

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  • 1/17/13
  • flaminpen
Yeah, until I was wounded in 67, then discharged after a stint in Hawaii Naval Hospital. Thanks for that update.
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  • 1/18/13
  • rushhead

This forum would be boring without you and a few others on here who I have grown to really like over the years! I even like Tigger Bounce. LOL!

What incredible knowledge! I love Joe! Born in Martinez. No wonder he was hired by Finley so he could stay local. Just guessing!

I was just in Martinez a few weeks ago. I tried to find the DiMaggio boat down by the Marina and it was GONE!!!!


I was saddened by this actually.

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  • 1/18/13
  • BeaneBall

"I'm happy - for once..."

I circled the date on the calendar :-)

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  • 1/18/13
  • catfish71
Those Mr. Coffee ads didn't begin until the 70's so he may have actually needed the pension by the late 60's, although I certainly don't know for sure. Unlike today when every ex-player seems to become a manager or a TV talking head, DiMaggio did neither of those, and I don't think he did the casino greeter/glandhander job like Reggie does currently---for 700K a year! While making 100K in 1951 sounds like a lot, according to Wikipedia, he took a job as a military post-exchange supplier, whatever the heck that was. Apparently he quit that job when he asked Marilyn Monroe to marry him again---just before her death.
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  • 1/19/13
  • fugetit

Do you want to have Billy's baby, Rush?

That would prove your absolute dedication to the A's!

It would also be immaculate contraption! hehe

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  • 1/19/13
  • rushhead


I would prefer to have Yoenis Cespedes' baby!

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