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    • Budwesier Commercial.
  • 2/5/13
  • reinman43
Hi Roaddoc, That was my favorite Bud Clydesdale commercial but you are right all their commercials are good, did you get choked up too ?? Are you ready for an exciting season of Met baseball ?? It will be here before you know it..... Cant Wait !!
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  • 2/5/13
  • HoneyBadger58
I really liked it. It was one of the best this year. I am stoked, I'm counting the days til pitchers and catchers. I'm so tired of the snow, the cold, and the non-baseball related baseball stories. I want to see David, Ike, Danny, Ruben, Travis and all the rest stir some stuff up.
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  • 2/6/13
  • Kranesback
"I came apart and had to leave the room"
I heard the same thing happens to TC when he looks at our outfield.
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