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    • I think a cheap,sleeper option for CF is still Julio Borbon
  • 12/19/12
  • AdrianMonk

Well, I see he is specifically 19 months older than both Kirk and Matt, who were born a few days apart. He was an SEC star for the Vols, probably about the time Matt was a freshman or high school senior.

While he hit over .300 in the minors, it was the Pacific Coast League where stats can be inflated, and he only hit 10 hrs (although would project a bit higher for a full season). He may be another version of what we already have.

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  • 12/19/12
  • viper99
He is another DD, capt Kirk. We don't need him as we already have 4th and 5th outfield players. We need a stud or 2 very decent OF.
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