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  • 1/29/13
  • safecoike
There is no doubt that Seattle has cold and moist air which is hard for the ball to travel through and that rookies and FAs are bothered by the long yard. The problem is that other teams have more sluggers than we do and I ultimately see them winning out on this. Maybe it will take some time. It will be interesting to compare Mariner pitching numbers from this year to past years.
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  • 1/29/13
  • brotherfox
I don't know what to tell you. The divide between our HR's and our opponents' home runs on the road was minimal, and we just added at least three home run hitters.
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  • 1/29/13
  • brotherfox

"I suppose it will take a year of evidence to convince them that the place really is different..."

I assumed that would be the case. You can't expect anybody to believe it's a better hitter's environment until they've seen evidence of that.

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  • 1/30/13
  • KitsapFan

Appreciate the enthusiasm, but Optimistic AND realistic. I'm afraid you have it half right, the optimistic part. Taking the career averages of the vets over their last three full MLB season and project some minimum to modest improvement (5% to 15%) of the young guys and here is dose of reality for the lineup. This assumes they stay healthy and play at least 140 games:

2B Ackley - 272/15/58, 352OBP, 15SB
CF Gutierrez - 284/16/67, 321OBP, 21SB
3B Seager - 273/23/98 - 15SB
DH Morales - 289/28/91
RF Morse - 291/26/80
1B Smoak - 243/23/65
C Montero - 293/18/72
LF Saunders - 284/21/68, 24SB
SS Ryan - 239/3/36, 13SB

Would love to see your numbers, but very doubtful. These numbers are realistic and if the guys stay healthy and play to their potential, this season could be very interesting and the M's could surprise a lot of people.

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