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    • O.T. College football 2012 thread..
  • 12/28/12

hey redz;

saw that this afternoon. hoping they can keep going forward, and lean a little more towards the defense.

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  • 12/29/12
he always went for the jugular vein, in gripping fashion.
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  • 12/29/12

Man, you could throw that tag on most of the bowls played so far. Lordy, they've been ugly.

Hopefully the Beavers/Longhorns game kicks off "good" bowl season this evening. I think it's the first bowl with two top 25 teams so far.

That Rutger/VTech game last night was a good old fashioned suque-off. I think both teams punted like three times in the four minutes of regulation. Or so it seemed.


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