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    • Scout.com top 100 prospects
  • 1/25/13
  • kraneguy
lol..Nimmo is in low A ball and played a half a season..how could he or anybody who played in low A be in the top 100..unreal
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  • 1/25/13
  • thagreat1

No guarantee on top picks turning out to be great players.

Thing to do is get as many players w/ good potential as possible. Sometimes that coincides w/ these kinds of lists. Sometimes it doesn't.

Looking at that 2007 list again...

Phil Hughes was #4 on 2007 Top 100 Prospects list. Hughes's current career ERA is 4.39. In no "danger" of going to All Star Game any time soon.

Homer Bailey was #5 on 2007 Top 100 Prospects list. Bailey's current career ERA is 4.50. Had 3.68 ERA in 2012. also in no "danger" of going to ASG.

Cameron Maybin was #6 on 2007Top 100 Prospects list. Hit .243w/ 110K's in 110 ABs in2012. Hardly AS caliber.

Brandon Wood was #8 on 2007Top 100 Prospects list. Had .216 BA in 105 gms this past yr. Only hit 7 home runs in 250 ABs in 2012. Hardly qualifies as "power bat" that he was called on 2007 prospects list.

Dice-K, Delmon Young, Bailey,Hughes, Maybin & Wood are sub-par players but were in the top 10 2007 prospects. That's 6 of top 10 2007 prospects (OVER HALF) that turned out to be mediocre or bad players."


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