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  • 12/3/12
  • 86kid

Maybe bro, but I am not concerned with "big" moves - at least not from a media standpoint. I just want the moves to be right, and not done for the sake of making a move, or to appease the fan base with household names

Sandy did say at the end of the season that he had seen enough over the past two year to want to try make signifigant changes to the roster this winter, so we'll see what that means in terms of actual deals / signings.

I am hoping they will us Dickey as a chip to help fill out this roster more around Wright, and not deal Neise.

I don't expect them to add any big names, but I do expect turnover of some kind.

Should be an interesting week around the league though.

Edited 12/3/12   by  86kid
Edited 12/3/12   by  86kid
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  • 12/3/12
  • AdrianMonk

I don't expect anything to get excited about. There will likely be some trade of minor consequence, and a minor FA signing. They have to do something for appearances sake, but I doubt if really significan happens.

The main thing will be extending Dickey.

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  • 12/3/12
  • BigTon
Regardless of what goes down,It would be nice to see some new and recognizeable faces in a Met uni next year.Bourne,Willingham..anybody that's not Bay.
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  • 12/3/12
  • fargol

"anybody that's not Bay. "

Usually when a player who under-performed leaves and then goes to another team and does well, threads pop up lamenting that player's loss.

I would bet real money that no matter how well Bay does with another team, we will not see a single thread of that type :)

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  • 12/3/12
  • lizzz

" I would bet real money that no matter how well Bay does with another team, we will not see a single thread of that type :) "

I definitely will NOT start one....so you would win the bet with me :)

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  • 12/3/12
  • thebobymon

BIG? no.

Head scratching with upside? yes.

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  • 12/3/12
  • Go_Metz
I'm looking forward to it...but hey, this is the Mets that we're talking about. So, I don't think there'll be any big splashes..there was a report on Metsblog that the Mets are looking for low-end catchers. So, yea, I do expect maybe a couple of low-end FAs to be signed.
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  • 12/3/12
  • oceans48
Only the Wilpons would be stupid enough to weaken the only strength they have by trading a young, inexpensive, on the rise lefty starter who slots nicely between Harvey and Wheeler.
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