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    • The Never Trade Felix Hernandez QUOTE Thread
  • To:All
  • 12/4/12
  • FelixForever34

This is another of my Jack Z favorite quotes.
On an elevator to the clubhouse packed with reporters, Zduriencik put his cell phone to his ear and said, “No, we’re not trading Felix.”


And I love the quotes from a "one AL executive".......
“I don’t care what Jack is saying right now,” one AL executive said Wednesday night. “I think he’ll listen to offers next winter. I know the kid says he wants to be in Seattle, but do you really think he’ll re-sign there if they’re not a contender?"

Dear "one AL executive",
Its December and Jack Z is still not trading Felix.
Suuuuuuuuccccck IT !!!!,

Yours Truly,
Mariners fans everywhere

Edited 12/4/12   by  FelixForever34
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