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    • Aj Griffin
  • 12/24/12
  • cufc

His tired arm issue scared me last year... He will need a backup in the wings (Straily???).... He also, seemed to victimized by late scouting reports exposing his tendencies ... Maybe, he was just tired at end???... But, the 2nd time around is always tougher on pitchers...

He pitched some beauties and big ones along the way... Hard to find fault... He proved to be a gamer... Dave Stewart was one!! Not comparing the 2 here.... Just saying, it just always doesn't have to be pretty over the long haul...

I like him .... Will be super happy - if healthy all year - with a sub 4.50 ERA out of him next year with 18 or 20 quality starts... The ugly starts, you just forget about ( They are ERA busters)... 13 wins would be great out of him... Of course, you would hope to get another 5 or 6 or so wins in games he starts in a super year for him..

That total would be great... He may be the type of pitcher that has ugly patches with some regularity...

Realistic and still very decent - Look for about 15 to 16 A's wins in games started.. Actually. this is a really good number for 5th pitcher...

Think the A's score more runs this year... So don't be too concerned about a 4.50 ERA number... We need guys like this...

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  • 12/25/12
  • flaminpen
I also feel that the sophomore year is the hardest on ALL position players too, not just the pitchers; having said that, I feel that if ANY rookie has had a great rookie year, their sophomore year brings with it the inherent pressure to repeat, and or surpass past performances...a hard thing for some...a mental challenge for most. With training and preparedness should be a class in psychology and positive thinking to help with the MO-JO and a winning attitude.
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