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    • UPTON .252 .326 .344 ON ROAD
  • 1/24/13
  • Bravesupnorth

Oh Delgado is highly regarded, but with Teheran being the 5th starter he basically became expendable, and the other kids can come up if Teheran falters.

Either way it should be an interesting season. If the NL east isn't the best division, it will be soon. 2013 will probably be rough for the Mets, but after that you guys will have great pitching. Matt Harvey is going to be better than both Niese and Wheeler. Just watch.

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  • 1/24/13
  • metrebel

>> I guess time will tell.

Very true.

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  • 1/24/13
  • metrebel

>> His numbers at Turner Field are outstanding. He has a career .871 OPS there.

He will do fine in Turner.

>> He also had good numbers at Citi Field and ironically some of his worst road numbers are at excellent hitters parks.

It is very odd that Upton had some horrible number is certain hitter's parks. Maybe he tries too hard in those parks. Players do have their favorite parks to hit in.

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  • 1/24/13
  • danthemetfan
Still unlikely in a full season in NY he would hit .280 20 hr or better.
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  • 1/24/13
  • saztastic2012
Well we just rounded out our rotation with Marcum if we add a couple of good releif pitchers and Bourn we might be in better shape for 2013 then people think.
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