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  • 1/18/13
  • Scrotum


1.) False...the Orioles were one of the teams to join the American League in its first year in 1901.

2.) The Orioles have won nine MLB pennants: 1894 NL pennant, 1895 NL pennant, 1896 NL pennant and 1966 AL pennant, 1969 AL pennant, 1970 AL pennant, 1971 AL pennant, 1979 AL pennant and 1983 AL pennant.

3.) False...George Pucccinelli won the International League triple crown in 1935 posting a .359 average, 53 home runs, 172 RBIs. He is a member of the International League Hall of Fame and is the league's All-Time Batting Leader with a .334 career average.

4.) Although Ned Hanlon led the National League Orioles to three consecutive pennants as manager and general manager of the club, he never wore an Orioles uniform and always appeared in the dugout in a suit, tie and hat.

5.) Matt Kilroy set a record for the American Association Orioles with 505 strikeouts during the 1886 season. In 1887 he tied a record with 46 wins...the most for a southpaw. BTW...the American Association was not a minor league, at that time, but was a second major league...equivalent to today's American League.

6.) A 40 something...Rogers Hornsby...joined the International League Orioles in 1938 and was used as a pinch hitter and coach. In 1939...he was appointed the manager of the O's leading them to a 6th place finish and a 68 win - 85 loss season, where they finished 21 games out of first place.

7.) In 1892, Wilbert Robinson set a National League record going 7 for 7 in a single game. He had six singles and a double in the game and the record went unnoticed. On July 10, 1932, Johnny Burnett of the Cleveland Indians had nine hits in an 18 inning game against the Philadelphia Athletics. The 7 for 7 record set by Wilbert Robinson in a nine inning game still stands...being tied by Cesar Gutierrez in 1970 and Rennie Stennett in 1975.

8.) Babe Ruth only played one year for the Orioles hitting .231 in 121 At-bats with only 1 home run. He did however hit 10 triples that year along with 2 double to post a respectable .438 slugging percentage.

9.) Bob Lemon played third base for the 1942 International League Orioles...a position that he played in the minor leagues since 1939. After serving in the Navy from 1943-1945, he joined the Cleveland Indians as a pitcher in 1946...and was elected to the MLB Hall of Fame in 1976.

10.) Jim Palmer always ate pancakes before a start.
Mickey Tettleton likewise attributed his success to a good breakfast consisting of Fruit
Boog Powell has made barbeque famous at Camden Yards.
Roberto Alomar will always be remembered for hocking an oyster on John Hirschbeck.

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  • 1/18/13
  • Maybe2014

Love the O's

My black and orange resume reads as follows:

Attended over 200 games dating back to '76, still remember the feel of 33rd street and the steep steps of Memorial Stadium, I remember bullpen parties where O's players lined behind tables in center-field signing autographs freely on 4x6 photos of themselves, I witnessed Wild Bill Hagy working the fans into a frenzy, I was there for Eddie's 500th, and was there there the night Cal tied the record, I attending the game Mussina got blasted by Sandy Alomar's line-drive (I truly thought he wasn't getting up), I proudly display signed 8x10's and balls from such greats as Eddie, Cal, Brooks, Boog, Belle, Frank, Palmer, and Weaver (just to mention a few) in my orange painted curio cabinet.

I can say I've met Cal several times at both signings, as well as at Cal Ripken tournaments where I umpired a few games, I got the chance to see Flannagan pitch in person, I've laughed along side of the beer vendor who invented his own patented hand can opener that could saw off 2 cans of suds at the same time, I got my picture taken with Mussina and Belle, I have a copy of Cal's paycheck from '93, I never get tired of Boog's roast beef with special BBQ sauce, I've walked across Camden's grass and sat in the dugout next to Cal Sr's photo, I've made that call to the bullpen (was allowed to raise the phone to my ear at a tour of the stadium), I've been inside the clubhouse, I've camped out for tickets in 10 degree weather for 14 hours, I've sat in nearly every section of Camden Yards, I was lucky enough to witness Murray coming up with the bases loaded in the 9th.

Although your quiz is REALLY cool, I've lived it, love it, and nothing keeps my attention more than my boy's in orange and black. I may not show it sometimes in my comments, but it's like talking about your wife: "Sometimes you love her, sometimes you hate her, but something always keeps you coming back"


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  • 1/21/13
  • Scrotum

The Orioles have a rich history. Until I began reading about that history...I never knew that the O's were in the national league or of all the great Hall of Famers that played in Baltimore. Yeah I knew that there was a minor league team called the Orioles...and that Babe Ruth played for them...but reading about the Temple Cup and great Oriole teams of the late 1890's has facinated me.

There's one story that I read that still cracks me up. It seems that during the off-season [former] Oriole catcher and Hall of Famer, Wilbert Robinson, announced to the public that he would catch a baseball dropped from a moving airplane. John McGraw...told him that he was crazy...and that if he missed the ball and it hit him in the head...it would kill him. Well the day came and a large crowd showed up at the airport. The airplane flew overhead and the crowd was cheering but instead of dropping a baseball out of the plane...they dropped a grapefruit. Robinson was chasing the grapefruit...running in circles chasing it and finally got under ready to make the catch when...splat...the grapefruit knocked him to the ground. They ran up to him and asked him if he was okay. He said "No...I'm covered in blood." When he came to his senses they told him that it was grapefruit juice and that they didn't really drop a baseball from the airplane but a grapefruit.

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  • 1/22/13
  • Scrotum

The grapefruit bombing occurred in 1915 when Wilbert Robinson was managing the Brooklyn Robins and it evidently happened as the result of a challenge by his players. Casey Stengel who was on that Brooklyn Robins team at that time is considered the purpetrator of the grapefruit switch. I may have taken some poetic license in recreating this story from memory...but it actually did happen.

I've gone back and found where I read the original story. It comes from a book, "Baseball in Baltimore, Images of Baseball" written by Tom Flynn and published in 2008 by Arcadia Publishing. It's not a traditional book but rather a pictorial history of the Orioles told thru photographs and their captions. You can read the book in about an hour and photos are priceless. A great book to keep by the throne or on the coffee table.

In 1926, Babe Ruth recreated the spectacle of catching a baseball out of a moving airplane and became the first man to do so. The plane was travelling at an altitude of 250 feet and an estimated speed of 100 mph. It took the Babe two tries but he caught the ball and had the bruised hand to prove it.

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  • 1/22/13
  • duogravis
Don't forget to mention that the 1901 Orioles you mention and the team that was once the Browns are two unrelated different clubs with separate records. You might as well lump some more clubs in there to inflate the numbers even more and tell more fibs.
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