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    • NRA hates the first Amendment!
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  • 12/7/12
  • Mort2112
I wonder if Costas would have a problem if the guy killed his girlfriend with his toupee.
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  • 12/7/12
  • Kranesback
Guys that are in the NRA feel they need their guns to compensate for their tiny "manhoods".
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  • 12/7/12
  • Ultimate_Lou2013
...I hope you choke on Costas toupee...
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  • 12/7/12
  • 69forever

***Glad to inform. Tablespoon?***

Yah. Brilliant retort.

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  • 12/8/12
  • 69forever

***Sorry, thought maybe you missed Dan.***

About as much as I'd miss a festering carbuncle on my right buttock.

***How did Fox News get into this anyway***

I don't know, I didn't mention them.

***I also feel automobiles can be deadly weapons as can many other things in the hands of those so inclined. If you think about it, a gun is probably the most humane way to kill somebody.***

Yeah, you can also kill someone with a pillow if you're sufficiently motivated. My point was, guns were designed for the express purpose of killing people and animals. And there's nothing humane about it unless the kill shot comes from a police sniper, a military marksman, or an experienced hunter who knows how to kill instantly with a single shot. That's extraordinarily rare. Most gun victims bleed to death or die from organ failure minutes or hours after being shot. Nothing humane about that.

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  • 12/9/12
  • 69forever

I'm sure these parents will be comforted by the father's Second Amendment right to give his seven-year-old son a humane death.

ht tp://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2012/12/09/joseph_loughrey_shoots_kills_son_outside_gun_store.html

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  • 12/10/12
  • 69forever

Did you not read the thread? My point was, guns were specifically designed for killing people. Cars were not. The "should we ban fill-in-the-blank-with-anything-that's-ever-killed-someone" analogy is specious.

Neither did I say they should be banned. Your words, not mine.

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  • 12/10/12
  • Danallrighty
What about a citizen protecting his or her home?
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