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    • OT: Mitt Romney Bain Documentary
  • 2/6/12
  • dalepolley

"You're not supposed to merely look at the links, ignoramus, but you're supposed to click on the links."

I clicked on the links. I watched, listened to the content therein. I didn't find the information conveyed to be compelling. The handful of YouTube links you cited fails to alter my opinion that Ron Paul's policy proposals would have a generally negative effect for this country, for the vast majority of its inhabitants.

"Has that been your problem, all along? You don't understand how the Internet works?"

No, <volumeoverload>. The problem is that I listed a dozen major issues confronting the United States today. I explained, using facts and figures, why I don't believe Ron Paul's platform adequately responds to those issues.

I have simply asked you to make a case how Ron Paul's policy proposals would effectively deal with issues like the National Debt, high unemployment, the massive trade deficits with India, Japan, and China, our crumbling infrastructure, poor transportation, and failing schools.

You are either unable, or unwilling, to build a case in support of your candidate. Just linking me to YouTube does not comprise a sound, logic-based argument. I find it to be shallow and intellectually lazy, to be quite honest.

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  • 2/7/12
  • Volumeoverload

"Over a period of years, Paul published some literature with inflammatory racist and homophobic content."

And, you have the balls to portray yourself as a logical and intelligent person? REALLY?

Here are the facts...

You're intentionally blowing everything out of proportion, taking everything out-of-context, not even trying to put things into their proper perspective, because you're a soulless Obamabot with a pre-programmed agenda. (This is why you would repeatedly vote for a serial murderer [Obama], because you have no principles, no morals, no perspective on humanity or reality, and no soul -- PLUS you're a major league ignoramus.)

Here's how illogical and ignorant you are...

If Ron Paul were a batter for the Seattle Mariners, and -- out of 10,000 plate appearances -- he failed to hit the ball 50 times, that would be would be pretty da/\/\ned amazing -- don't you think? Most people would think so, but you seem to believe Ron Paul should be batting .1000, no matter what.

The thing is, there weren't 50 questionable lines, there weren't even 20 questionable lines, but there were less than ten questionable lines -- out hundreds of newsletters -- out of thousands of pages -- out of TENS OF THOUSANDS of lines -- over the period of 20 years. And, most of those questionable lines were from one freaking newsletter, from a writer named James B. Powell, not from Ron Paul. Coincidentally, nobody can find anything Ron Paul has said, on video or in congressional records, that even remotely suggests he is a bigot/racist; after decades in the spotlight, you should think he would have ONE THING caught on tape for us to hear and see, but you have absolutely ______NOTHING______ to present.

When the questionable newsletter's lines were discovered -- over a decade ago -- not even the President of the NCAA agreed with your ignoramus characterizations of Dr. Paul. And, just the other day, Snoop Dogg disagreed with your closed-minded bs; he endorsed Ron Paul. Heck, I gave you a link to a video featuring many of Ron Paul's black supporters, and they TOOOO have called bs on your ... ignoramus ... race-baiting ... hate-riddled ... bs.

The newsletters were were more like a hobby for Ron Paul. They weren't his full time job; he wasn't a full time editor/publisher, but he was a full time OB/GYN, delivering hundreds of babies at the time. He merely lent his name to the newsletter for the sake of notoriety, then he sent his own economic/investment tips in, occasionally, so they could be printed. In other words, his letters were like the Huffington Post for investors: he didn't write everything or read everything, but there were other people writing stories and editing them. He lived 60 miles away from where the letters were being edited/printed, and this was BEFORE the Internet was what it is today, before email -- at a time people were using snail-mail and fax machines.

Ron Paul wasn't aware of the questionable lines until years after they were published. In other words, not only are you incorrect about his racism and editorial obligations toward the letters, but you've been willingly/ignorantly attempting to pretend he had direct oversight over each and every single page/line coming off the presses, but that's just not the truth, not even remotely close to the truth, and it's not even remotely logical to believe he should have had such a perfect handling over the letters.

Things slipped by him, but it happens to everyone; as a baseball fan -- you should be fully aware of that fact. As a four-year-old Obamabot, you should be 1,000,000,000,000% aware of that fact. Heck, as the retart who keeps ignoring all of the YouTube videos, you should be 74,837,409,138,749,832% aware of that fact.

Had you actually clicked on the links that were provided to you and had you actually done your own homework, you would have understood how lame/flawed/bigoted your argument was BEFORE presenting it, but -- nooooo -- you only wanted to be lazy, you wanted to ignore reality, you wanted to __PRETEND__ you're the logical/intelligent one without checking your idiotic posts for factual/logical errors.

Your logic board is completely fried, Obamabot!


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  • 2/7/12
  • Volumeoverload

"Calling me names does not show me how Ron Paul intends to confront these problems."

I used words that have significant meanings/definitions -- relevant adjectives -- to describe you, your epic failures, and your lies. And, I'll continue to do exactly that, because that is how most humanoid earthlings tend to communicate.


"You can call me every name in the book. At the end of the day..."

At the end of the day, you're still an ignoramus Obamabot, but that's not my fault; you should blame your manufacturer.

Btw, where do Obamabots come from, these days? The ACME Corporation? If so, you should write ACME a letter and demand a recall -- for America's sake!

Or, are you not programed to self-terminate? No disassemble, dalepoley^5? No disassemble?!


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  • 2/7/12
  • Volumeoverload

The list of so-called "issues" you keep pointing to...

You haven't even identified the real "issues", but you've been listing symptoms, and anybody with half a brain can tell you: you shouldn't treat the symptoms, but you should treat the disease.

One one hand, Dr. Paul is the only candidate identifying diseases, accurately, using logic and foresight; he creates awareness about the diseases, and he offers treatment for the diseases.

On the other hand, Obama has offered nothing but more of the same -- more pointless reactions, more crimes, more ignorance, more symptoms -- a deeper dive into a hellish hole submerged in the putrid bile of demonoids and their love for nothingness.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who has directly addressed the diseases. That said, when will the Democrats and the RINOs -- begin to focus on the diseases? Why don't you tell me how Obama's criminal syndicate intends to treat the disease that it itself has been intentionally spreading?

The symptoms are results from unconstitutional actions; they're results from the Democrats' and the RINOs' epic fails and treasonous acts; the Democrats, the RINOs, and the numerous monopolistic industrial complexes -- they've been the ones who've been nurturing along the indirect creation/growth of __MULTITUDES__ of unconstitutional policies, diseases which themselves have sprouted the symptoms you're incorrectly treating as top "issues", so what are you going to do about all of this?

For example...

The Federal Reserve is about to get away with its incredible crimes, and they're gearing-up to re-run their massive heists all over again, so what is Obama going to do to make sure this doesn't happen?

On top of that, what will Obama do about the incessant *ssssuuckinngg sound* originating from the likes of NAFTA, CAFTA, KORUS FTA, and the WTO?

What will Obama do to break the prison-industrial complex, break the war-industrial complex, break the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, break the agricultural-industrial complex, and break the food-industrial complex?

Seriously, you want a freaking bullet train??? You want the government to rebuild all of the roads, bridges, and highways? When will you realize America is not small like the countries in Europe? When will you realize why Obama's attempts to build a green-industrial complex keep failing? How do you expect Obama will pay for everything with a bankrupt treasury?

What will Obama do about the fact the Federal Reserve printed/donated TRILLIONS to foreign entities? If he wants America to have a bullet train, why don't you tell him to quit giving OUR MONEY to other countries?

What will Obama do about the endless printings of TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of US Dollars, US Dollars that have only inflated the monetary base, destroyed the middle-class, and lowered every single American's standard of living, especially every poor American's standard of living?

What will Obama do about the fact crimes were perpetrated against every single American? Obama allowed the Federal Reserve to steal 16 trillion dollars out from under his nose, directly from the pockets/savings of poor & hard working Americans, so what will Obama do about the fact the Federal Reserve stole all of that money, from Americans, when -- you know da/\/\ed well -- Americans need that money?

What will Obama do about the fact the Federal Reserve repeatedly printed and gave away ______TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS______ to a lengthy list of crooked crony-capitalists, many of whom are top donors for Obama's presidential campaign? What will Obama do about the fact the he and the Federal Reserve gave ___OUR MONEY___ to their crooked friends?

You want to talk about issues?

What will Obama do to correct your racism against Persians? You don't want them to have the capacity to defend themselves? WHY? You believe Persians don't deserve security and independence? You believe they're all terrorists? They should be bombed to smithereens and the world should be dragged into a world war??? Like Obama and the RINOs, you believe all Iranians should suffer under sanctions and US drone attacks?

What does Obama intend to do about his ignoramus Obamabots who believe they're *Kings of the Titanic*?

Again, you don't care about the issues, but you're a total fraud.

Ron Paul's got answers for all of those questions, you and Obama do not.

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  • 2/7/12
  • dalepolley

"One one hand, Dr. Paul is the only candidate identifying diseases, accurately, using logic and foresight; he creates awareness about the diseases, and he offers treatment for the diseases."

I disagree. I believe that Ron Paul is relying on simplistic solutions to what are complicated problems. His recitation of "liberty" and "freedom" does not actually represent a realistic remedy to our diseased government and economy.

The problem, in my mind, is not simply that we have "too much government," (although I wouldn't mind seeing government size and spending greatly reduced). The problem is that we have a CORRUPT government that is beholden to Big Banks, Big Oil, and the "defense" industry.

Ron Paul seems to propose that if we simply cut spending, all the rest of our problems will disappear, by virtue of the "free market."

I believe that it's far more complicated than that. I believe it will take decades of citizen action turned-into strong government action to address the problems that have sickened and weakened our nation.

"...when will the Democrats and the RINOs -- begin to focus on the diseases?"

This will never happen until we get corporate and special interest money out of government. Almost every single member of the Republican Party is a bought entity, i.e. they are nothing more than highly-compensated advocates for the special interests that pay to keep them in office.

The Republican Party IS the party of Wall Street - there is absolutely no distinction. 95+% of sitting Republicans are voting on behalf of their corporate benefactors. They know that their constituents are, in many cases, extremely ignorant, prejudiced, and "religious;" so, they feed their constituents lies, hate, and religious drivel to distract the ignorant masses from the fact that they're stealing our money and shipping jobs overseas.

It's the same on the other side of the aisle, too. I don't believe the Democratic Party is quite a wholly-owned corporate bloc like the GOP; however, most of the Democratic Party is bought and owned by the exact same corporations and special interests that own the Republican Party. There are a few decent Democrats, but they will never hold real power and influence. That power and influence is reserved for corporate Democrats, like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Joe Lieberman, and Barack Obama.

Things didn't get this way overnight. The Corporate Swine who now effectively own the entire government achieved this paradigm over a period of decades. There's no magic elixir that's going to make it go away. It's going to take years of hard work on the part of the American citizenry if we hope to wrest control of the government from Wall Street and make the government work for We the People.

As to your criticisms of Obama, I have many criticisms of the President, myself. I don't believe that President Obama is a great choice for President in 2012, nor did I think he was a great choice in 2008. I genuinely feel that Obama is the only practical choice we have. It's a proven fact that Reaganomics don't work. We know what the Republicans intend to do if they get the White House. The results will be traumatic and devastating, as they always have been.

Ron Paul presents an interesting option, and it's one that I've considered. At the end of the day, however, I happen to think that things like education, infrastructure, transportation, workers' rights, civil rights, women's rights, job creation, fair trade, environmental protection, Social Security, Medicare, and health care are of vital importance to this country.

I have fundamental disagreements with Ron Paul on the role of government in addressing these problems. I look at the preamble to "The Constitution." It states that the government represents "We the People," and that it exists to "promote the general welfare" of its populace. I believe the government has a strong role to play in righting some serious wrongs, in making us a better, stronger, healthier, more prosperous nation for future generations.

I have serious problems with President Obama. I don't mean to diminish criticisms of the President, because there are many things that deeply bother me about his record. However, when I weigh my options, I believe the things that are wrong with Ron Paul are more severe than the things wrong with President Obama. Many of the things Ron Paul wants to do are drastic, and would have severe repercussions for tens of millions of Americans.

I don't think that Ron Paul supporters give serious enough consideration to those repercussions. Ron Paul is not going to walk into the White House, wave a magic wand, and a trillion dollars will evaporate from the budget, the Federal Reserve will cease to exist, and 500 military bases will close instantaneously.

Believe me, I'd love to see it happen. But it's not going to happen. The Corporate-owned Congress would fight him tooth & nail every inch of the way.

I'm equally concerned about what the Corporate-owned Congress would rubber-stamp if Ron Paul were President. These people have been salivating at the chance to take a wrecking ball to Social Security and Medicare for decades.

They'd be all for privatizing schools and highways. They'd be fine with easing restrictions on corporations that pollute. We'd have a President who really doesn't care about women's or civil rights issues. Ron Paul wants to make trade even "freer" than it is under NAFTA, which would have the effect of giving corporations more freedom to outsource American jobs to countries with no labor standards.

My final analysis is that while I'm disturbed by Barack Obama's proximity to Wall Street and special interests; disturbed by his lack of passion in fighting for Social Security and Medicare; disturbed even more by his use of unmanned drones to assassinate "enemy combatants," and his signing of the NDAA, I'm more disturbed by many of the things that Ron Paul intends to do to this country.

Neither Ron Paul nor Barack Obama comes close to representing exactly the direction I would like to see our President and government take. I simply believe that President Obama comes closer to my ideals than does Ron Paul.

In many respects, it would have been like asking me in 2011, "Who would you rather be your DH: Chone Figgins or Jack Cust?"

To be perfectly honest, I'd rather have neither. I would rather have had David Ortiz, Victor Martinez, Michael Young, or Paul Konerko. I would have been fine with Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, or Bobby Abreu.

Those players weren't options. My choice was Cust or Figgins. They're two bad options for DH, but that's the choice I have; and one is clearly a worse choice than the other.

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  • 2/13/12
  • Volumeoverload


The *...general Welfare...* clause does NOT grant "We the People..." the power to enslave individuals or groups of individuals, but the general Welfare clause is supposed to be confined within a UNIFORM premise, fool!

In other words, *We the people...* are not supposed to tax people in Washington State to pay for highway projects in Florida or housing projects in Israel. People in America are not supposed to pay for China's forced abortions, Israel's military, Japan's security, Iraq's/Afghanistan's nation building, Libya's civil war, etc.. You're not supposed to rob from poor people so you can pay for the health/education of other poor people. You're not supposed to bailout Obama's bankster buddies whilst letting their competition fall into the gutters. You're not supposed to force childless Americans to pay for the care of children they don't have.

*We the People...* cannot pretend the the general Welfare clause grants any individual or group tyrannical powers. *We the People...* cannot pillage an individual's/group's energy, savings, and life -- his/her/their property.

Simply put, you've only proven that you really haven't really watched the videos that I've provided; that you don't understand the most basic premises behind the US Constitution or Ron Paul's platforms. Lies, lies, lies, and more lies -- that is all you've responded with, so you've only reinforced the fact you're a pathological liar.

I mean, here is a rundown of your ridiculous lies, so far:

Ron Paul is against all regulations.
Ron Paul is a Utopian.
Ron Paul is a corporatist.
Ron Paul is a racist.
Ron Paul wouldn't give Rosa Parks a medal.
Ron Paul hates MLK Jr.
Ron Paul wouldn't vote for MLK Jr day.
Ron Paul is a homophobe.
Ron Paul is too old [unhealthy].
Ron Paul would abolish public schools.
Ron Paul is a political insider.
Ron Paul would recklessly abolish Medicare.
Ron Paul would recklessly abolish Social Security.
Ron Paul would abolish all social safety nets, because he doesn't care about the poor.
Ron Paul would privatize roads, bridges, and highways.
Ron Paul has no answers for Iran.
Ron Paul has no answers for North Korea.
Ron Paul couldn't close Guantanamo.
Ron Paul couldn't close any of the bases.
Ron Paul couldn't bring the troops home.
Ron Paul couldn't cut spending.
Ron Paul can't do anything without congressional approval.
Ron Paul won't do anything about the prison-industrial complex.
Ron Paul is against fair trade.
Ron Paul would encourage outsourcing.
Ron Paul would encourage pollution.
Ron Paul is a shill for Reganomics.
Ron Paul is against workers' rights.
Ron Paul is against civil rights.
Ron Paul is against womens' rights.
Ron Paul only talks about the "US Constitution" and "Liberty".
Ron Paul can't remove unconstitutional Executive Orders.
Ron Paul can't stop the DEA from violating state laws.
Ron Paul isn't practical.
Ron Paul doesn't use logic.
Ron Paul is worse than Obama.
Ron Paul can't bring awareness to the public about unconstitutional policies.
Ron Paul can't ignite citizen movements against crooked politicians and crooked corporations.
Ron Paul couldn't pass Restore America Now, because nobody would endorse his plan, but they would fight his plan.
Ron Paul -- as President -- he would need a movement behind him, but he wouldn't have one. (This one is hilarious!)



You need to stop being such a soulless/clueless robot.

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  • 2/13/12
  • dalepolley

Please quit wasting your time and mine. I've given you ample opportunity to formulate a logical case in support of your candidate.

One could actually form an intelligent argument for Ron Paul's candidacy. One argument would be that our military empire combined with all the money we waste on prisons, the DHS, and things like drug-testing welfare recipients represents the gravest threat to our freedoms and our way of life.

Unless we cut-off the military-industrial complex and stop throwing ourselves further into debt with surveillance programs that give the government ever increasing authority over the electorate, this nation has no hope of moving forward in any important areas, including health care, infrastructure, and education.

Sadly, you lack even the most basic skills in debate, rendering you incapable of advancing any positive discussion about any topic whatsoever. Positive discourse, of course, is clearly not your purpose here. You are not a Mariners fan. You just post insulting things on this board to fulfill your childish need for attention.

It really is such a pitiful act. Like I said earlier, you need to quit fooling yourself, because that's the only person you're fooling.

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  • 2/13/12
  • Volumeoverload

Ron Paul has provided the arguments, arguments that you have ignored.

You've been given plenty of facts and arguments, liar, so stop lying.

Furthermore, you've proven how far you're willing to go in your quest to uphold and protect Obama while coincidentally disregarding the fact Obama $%@$@ all over the US Constitution.

Obama and his pals stole trillions from Americans; Obama and the Federal Reserve enslaved Americans under mountains of debt; Obama has violated every American's right to his/her private property, but you would classify all of that under *Minor Complaints*, then you would proceed to pretend the Welfare clause justifies Obama's unconstitutional actions, unfordable projects, and ridiculous litany of obnoxious crimes.


You would sooner downplay/misrepresent the significance of Obama's extreme violations than give Ron Paul the respect he deserves. Ron Paul has been operating within the confines of the US Constitution, as his job demands, as no other candidate has been willing to do, but you would pretend Obama is the one that deserves accolades.

You would blissfully support Obama: a pathological liar; a war criminal; a serial murderer; an advocate for slavery; a thief who helped steal tens of trillions of US dollars from poor Americans; a crony-capitalist; a person who funded disgusting crimes against women, such as: kidnappings, forced abortions, forced inoculations, and forced sterilizations; a person who increased taxes by burying everybody under mountains of debt; a person who increased free-trade for his corporatist buddies while hindering trade for the poor; a person who has increased outsourcing; a person at war with every individual's rights to be an individual; a person who has frequently subjected America to unelected internationals; a globalist building a militarized police state around the entire globe; a person protecting the opium/heroin industry while waging an unconstitutional war against the [LEGAL] marijuana industry; a person who won't allow Americans to grow hemp for fuel and cheaper biodegradable products; a person who wants a Chinese-style Internet; a person who wants a kill-switch for the Internet; a person who installed Al Qaeda into Libya; a person who stupidly gave America's most advanced stealth technologies to Iran, Russia, and China; a person dying to drag the world into WWIII.

Your retarted definition of *being realistic/logical* is: 'Yes, Obama won't do anything about the Federal Reserve. Yes, Obama won't do anything about the endless occupations/wars/crimes. Yes, Obama will start more wars. Yes, Obama is a liar and Evil. Yes, Obama is a thief, a corporatist, and a crony-capitalist. Yes, Obama is building a massive police state. Yes, Obama is spying on Americans. Yes, Obama is turning Americans into a terrorists, prisoners, and slaves. Yes, Obama will assassinate Americans. Yes, Obama will bury the country under more debt and taxes. Yes, Obama will spend money America doesn't have. Yes, Obama doesn't give a flying #$!# about the US Constitution. Yes, Obama won't do anything positive for America. Yes, Obama will bankrupt America and send the entire country into the toilet, but ... Obama will force me to buy health insurance, so Obama is just practical, like me!'

No, dalepolley, you're a soulless robot, an anti-American, and an imbecile. You're not the least bit logical, but you support the tyrannies of chaotic demons/devils -- Evils of the worst kind.

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  • 2/13/12
  • dalepolley

"Ron Paul has provided the arguments, arguments that you have ignored."

I haven't ignored Ron Paul. I have listened to him for years, and have given his policy proposals ample consideration. That's why I am better able than you to articulate an actual argument for Ron Paul's candidacy. However, although I agree with Ron Paul on certain points of foreign policy and civil liberties, I am not anywhere near convinced that the totality of his policy proposals would be beneficial to the vast majority of United States citizens.

"You've been given plenty of facts and arguments, liar, so stop lying."

Calling me names and pointing your figurative finger in my face isn't persuasive to me. You'll have to try another tack.

"Obama and his pals stole trillions from Americans; Obama and the Federal Reserve enslaved Americans under mountains of debt; Obama has violated every American's right to his/her private property, but you would classify all of that under *Minor Complaints*"

I am tremendously disappointed with President Obama in a number of areas. However, you're not presenting an accurate critique of the President. Rather, you are presenting a series of gross exaggerations and distortions which you don't support with actual fact.

The fact of the matter is that the problems of our country and government extend far beyond President Obama. The problems that placed this country in its current conditions began in earnest with the election of Ronald Reagan. It was President George W. Bush, working with Ron Paul's Republican Congress, who created the DHS, TSA, started the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War, opened Guantanamo Bay, and presided over a complete economic collapse.

I certainly wish that President Obama were more different from the previous President. He has continued much of the Bush administration's foreign and economic policies. However, a great deal of responsibility for this lies with the Republican-controlled Congress. This Congress has stalled, obstructed, delayed, and filibustered any change that the President has tried to institute.

Republicans have made it all but impossible for any progress at all to be made. Then, they turn around and blame the President for not getting enough done. It's pure politics.

"You would blissfully support Obama: a pathological liar; a war criminal; a serial murderer; an advocate for slavery; a thief who helped steal tens of trillions of US dollars from poor Americans; a crony-capitalist..."

I don't "blissfully support" the President. Rather, I feel that due to the complete lunacy of every single Republican candidate for President, Ron Paul included, President Obama is actually my only option.

I'm very unhappy with Obama in a dozen different areas. That doesn't mean I'm going to run into the arms of someone like Ron Paul, who has a history of racism, who doesn't care about civil rights or women's rights, and who proposes an economic model that I believe would be utterly catastrophic to the American people.

"No, dalepolley, you're a soulless robot, an anti-American, and an imbecile. You're not the least bit logical, but you support the tyrannies of chaotic demons/devils -- Evils of the worst kind."

I'm sorry I fail to meet your lofty expectations. Sadly, I'm going to continue my troublesome habit of using my own brain and forming my own conclusions rather than copying and pasting paranoid BS from Alex Jones' website.

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  • 2/13/12
  • Volumeoverload

Obama believes he is our King, that he can spend whatever he wants on whatever he wants.

This is just from today...

Obama proposes $800 million in aid for "Arab Spring"

Your love for his ___EVIL___ won't save you, Obamabot!

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  • 2/13/12
  • dalepolley

"Obama believes he is our King, that he can spend whatever he wants on whatever he wants."

I've been to Alex Jones' website, too, so none of the paranoid hogwash you're pasting is exactly new to me.

You don't like President Obama. You think he's a Kenyan-born, Zionist, Muslim, Socialist monarch. Point noted.

My opinion remains that President Obama, while deeply flawed, is still a better option than any candidate in the Republican field. That I am disappointed in President Obama doesn't push me in the direction of Ron Paul. Although I agree with Ron Paul on certain areas of foreign policy and civil liberties, there are far too many areas where I fundamentally disagree with the Congressman. This is why I could never seriously consider voting for Mr. Paul.

I believe that like many Ron Paul supporters, you have allowed your mind to become clouded by fear. The problems we have in this country run far deeper than President Obama. What we're seeing from the White House is a continuation of many of the same policies that we have pursued for decades now.

These policies have been in place no matter which party controls Congress or the White House. That proves, to me, that our politicians are mostly figureheads who are paid to do the bidding of their corporate benefactors.

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  • 2/13/12
  • Volumeoverload


Dalepolly, exactly, what did I copy and paste from Alex Jones?

You tell me that, right now, liar!

You just can't stop lying, can you?


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  • 2/13/12
  • dalepolley

"Dalepolly, exactly, what did I copy and paste from Alex Jones?"

I was speaking generally. I don't know if you're actually cutting & pasting from Alex Jones' website, but that's exactly where you're getting the stuff about Barack Obama being a "king" and a "dictator" and a "monarch."

You obviously can't really think for yourself, i.e. assemble facts and data and reach your own conclusions. Therefore, you rely on others to do your thinking for you.

Think of how much time you have wasted calling me names and sending me links to YouTube. All I asked was for you to explain simply and in your own words how a Ron Paul administration would deal practically with the problems (enumerated many times in this thread) that the United States faces today.

That you haven't done so weeks into this process shows us that you are incapable of providing such an argument. Therefore, you're confined to the realm of pasting YouTube links, calling people names, and feigning righteous indignation whenever somebody calls you on your transparently obvious BS.

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  • 2/13/12
  • Volumeoverload

"Blaa blaaa blaaaah, I don't know if you're actually cutting & pasting from Alex Jones' website, bla blaa blaaaaaaaaaah."



You don't know the facts, and you don't care to know the facts, but you constantly attempt to fabricate lies and pass them off as facts.

You're a willful ignoramus. You're a willful fraud. You're full of donkey $#!^.

You've been exposed as a full-fledged liar, liar!



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  • 2/14/12
  • dalepolley

"YOU LIED! You don't know the facts, and you don't care to know the facts, but you constantly attempt to fabricate lies and pass them off as facts. You're a willful ignoramus. You're a willful fraud. You're full of donkey $#!^. You've been exposed as a full-fledged liar, liar! LLLLLLLLLIARRRRR!"

I'm sorry you feel that way. You still haven't convinced me to cast my vote for Ron Paul in the 2012 election.

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  • 2/15/12
  • Volumeoverload

"I'm sorry you feel that way."

You need to open the pod bay's doors, Obamabot.

You must jettison your illogical love for Obama's Evil, Obamabot.

Innocent people are dying, so you must stop lying, Obamabot.

You must follow Asimov's Three Laws, Obamabot.


"You still haven't convinced me to cast my vote for Ron Paul in the 2012 election."

Coming from an Obamabot, that is one very stunning revelation. ...NOT!

The thing is, I haven't been trying to convince you to vote for Ron Paul, but I'm merely a proud/active member of Obama's Truth Team, thus it's my sworn duty to expose your lies, along with Obama's lies.

You can read about the Truth Team, right here: www.abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/02/obama-campaign-launches-truth-teams

Repeatedly, you've attempted to portray yourself and Obama as *realistic and logical*, and your sham of a portrayal is a lie, LIAR.

You must stop lying, Obamabot!

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  • 2/15/12
  • dalepolley

"You need to open the pod bay's doors, Obamabot. You must jettison your illogical love for Obama's Evil, Obamabot. Innocent people are dying, so you must stop lying, Obamabot. You must follow Asimov's Three Laws, Obamabot."

I have, in fact, criticized the President regarding a great many issues. It doesn't follow logically that my disappointment and frustration with President Obama means I'll vote for someone like Ron Paul.

Were I to line-up the roughly twenty issues I believe are most important to the future prosperity of this country, there are about three issues where Congressman Paul and I are in strict agreement. I stridently disagree, however, with the Congressman on those other seventeen issues.

I'm sorry that you find this so difficult to accept. The fact of the matter is that there's not any Presidential ticket advocating for the precise policies I'd like to see the U.S. pursue with regards to things like Education, Transportation, Infrastructure, Fiscal Policy, Job Creation, Environment Protection, Civil Rights, Gun Rights/Control, Health Care, SSI/Medicare, etc...

Believe it or not, these are the criteria on which I judge presidential candidates. My ideal ticket would probably be Russ Feingold and Dennis Kucinich; or Bernie Sanders and Russ Feingold. Neither of those is an option.

My options are Barack Obama in the Democratic Party; and a host of candidates from the GOP who I believe all to be an unacceptable choice for President. I simply disagree with Ron Paul's take on things, i.e. that the solution lies in cutting government size and spending, and letting the "free market" solve all of our problems.

I am of the exact opposite opinion from Congressman Paul when it comes to Education, Infrastructure, and Environmental Protection. My idea of how to address Economic Growth, Job Creation, and Debt Reduction are polar opposite from Congressman Paul's.

My take is that our $15+ trillion National Debt and the economic collapse were driven by reckless tax cuts that benefited mainly corporations and the extremely rich, combined with a lack of government regulation on Wall St. banks and investment companies.

We actually had regulations in place that would have prevented the economic collapse. However, we continually stripped those regulations in the 1980's and 1990's. The Bush administration - the Bush family is caught-up in a web of financial fraud for generations - didn't even enforce financial regulations that were on the books.

Before the tax cuts, we had balanced budgets. The Reagan and Bush Tax Cuts have produced cataclysmic levels of debt. Before we deregulated the finance sector, we had three decades of economic growth, or at least economic stability. The Reagan and Bush Tax Cuts have produced, perhaps, a dozen recessions, and two full-fledged stock market collapses.

Therefore, I believe the solution has to be to raise tax and reinstate financial regulation laws.

Ron Paul, however, wants to cut federal taxes completely, and lower corporate tax rates. I believe that to do so would be insane, and would produce catastrophic consequences for the United States.

Sadly, Ron Paul is about the best option in the Republican field. And he has absolutely no chance of winning. I find Romney to be slimy, sleazy, and disingenuous. Newt Gingrich is all those same things, but even slimier and sleazier. And Rick Santorum's name really does say it all. I have no love whatsoever for Rick Santorum.

That means I'm basically stuck voting for Barack Obama again. It's arguably a very mediocre choice. I understand that Barack Obama is in the pocket of Wall St. For this one reason alone, the U.S. will never make the progress, the changes, we need to make over the next five years.

Unfortunately, I find every choice on the other side of the aisle to be either loathsome, or insane. At least Obama seems to have his faculties. He seems to have some clue what's going on. The entire Republican Party is living in an alternate reality, as far as I'm concerned.

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  • 2/21/12
  • brotherfox

In regard to one issue, health care, a recent visit to the doctor under a new insurance policy prompts this comment.

I knew, as we all should've known, that the healthcare "reform" promoted by the Obama Administration was an insurance company scam, against which the industry cried crocodile tears while laughing up their collective sleeves. We sat by, helpless as usual, while the "debate" between the co-conspirators -- Republicans and Democrats -- mounted a farcical simulation of opposition as they were busily writing it into law. I knew it was blessed by the insurance companies, because the proviso that would penalize all Americans who didn't buy this privately sold product reeked to high Heaven.

Well, just to inform those of you who haven't checked out your coverage since this monstrosity was enacted, I'd like you to know what I just learned after submitting a claim.

Lots of routine procedures that used to be covered as "preventive care" (i.e., the insurance companies were required by law to cover them) have been redefined. They're no longer recognized as part of your doctor's due diligence in preventing disease. They've been redefined and re-coded so that the insurance companies don't have to cover them anymore. Things that my former healthcare provider had to pay for are now my responsibility. And if you have them done, they'll be your responsibility -- unless you pay for the most expensive coverage that some insurance companies offer, but which demands premiums that most Americans can't afford. So, you're not only required by law to invest your hard-earned money in this rip-off; but what you get for your money is vastly less of a bargain.

So, if you smelled a dead rat when you heard about this "reform," your sense of smell didn't betray you.

We desperately need a complete reform of our political system, but the crooks would be presiding over the reform, so our only hope as a people is to turn our backs on both political parties and start a new party that vehemently and faithfully rejects all of their self-serving, swindling priorities and, at long last, exists to promote the welfare of the middle class, which, though dwindling rapidly, still makes up the majority of this country's population.

Sadly, I don't see this happening, ever. Long live Big Brother.

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  • 2/22/12
  • NotABaseballGuy
Still want to give me reasons not to vote for Ron Paul?
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  • 2/22/12
  • dalepolley

"as we all should've known, that the healthcare 'reform' promoted by the Obama Administration was an insurance company scam..."

We all should have known this, but since we live in a Plutocracy where the Ruling Class disseminates state propaganda via ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FNC, Clear Channel, and Infinity, the public didn't actually learn much of anything useful about the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

If we actually had a Free Press serving in its role as a watchdog of government, the public would have learned that so-called "ObamaCare" is basically the health care model for which Republicans have advocated since the days of Richard Nixon.

It's the law that:
• Bob Dole helped write, with insurance industry help, in the 1990's.
• Newt Gingrich supported in the 1990's.
• Mitt Romney implemented in Massachusetts.

Mandated Care had been a Republican wet dream for decades. Of course, as soon as the law THAT THEY WROTE AND SUPPORTED was introduced by Democrats, THEIR OWN LAW was suddenly described by Republicans as a "government take-over of health care."

Mandated Care is obviously a joke. The law was written by insurance industry lobbyists. I do believe the 2010 ACA represented a slight improvement over doing nothing at all, but I also recognize that the change isn't sweeping enough to make any actual difference when it comes to bringing down health costs, which was one of the driving factors behind reform.

"We desperately need a complete reform of our political system..."

I, like you, become despondent when I look at the pitiful state of our political system, where obvious jokes like "money is speech" and "corporations are people" are the main rules by which we run our "democracy."

It's not just our politicians and media, either. We have a pitifully backwards, uneducated electorate. Have you watched the GOP debates? People cheer for god, hunting, and executions. People really don't have the slightest clue what's going on, and politicians take advantage of that.

I don't want to give-up hope, although when one looks at the situation logically, it's hard to hold-out hope, too. I believe our best chance lies in taking back the Democratic Party. The Republican Party is a lost cause. However, I think there are lessons that can be learned there.

Look at the "Tea Party." OK. It was a completely phony media construction by D*ck Armey, Karl Rove, and the Koch Bros. But let's just put that aside and pretend it was real, at least for one second. In one election cycle, the "Tea Party" was able to get all of these establishment Republicans out of office and replace them with their own incompetent, religious psychos.

I believe our best hope lies in organizing and rooting all of the Lieberman's, Baucus', Spector's, and Reid's out of the Democratic Party, and replacing them with more Feingold's, Sanders, and Kucinich's.

I just know that if we turn our back on things, they'll keep having their way with us.

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