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    • Ike Davis 2012 Forecasts
  • 2/7/13
  • thagreat1
32 Homers 90 rbis Nevermind the average
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  • 2/8/13
  • Moses0507
I doubt the RBI's but I agree he'll probably hit over over 30-HR
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  • 2/8/13
  • thagreat1
But he did hit 90 rbis last year..
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  • 2/8/13
  • edmet
i would be thrilled with .265 33hr 100rbi and a .330 on base %. imo those are realistic goals for a healthy ike. when asked by francesca to name 1 personal goal for the season he said 100bb. that shows he is thinking the right way. 60bb would be cool and would help get his obp to that .330 mark. he needs some protection from tda,duda,buck which to me is the unkown, but i see tda eventually hitting behind him. if we sign bourn i like this: bourn tejada murphy wright ike tda/buck duda rf platoon.i gather most people prefer murph 2nd, but imo my way lengthens the lineup. without bourn: tejada murphy wright ike tda/buck duda lf platoon rf platoon. i like murph hitting 3rd with his 45 2b's. he will see a lot of fb's in front of wright and ike and will rake if he sticks to his game and doesn't try to be a hr hitter. likewise, wright needs to focus on being a gap to gap hitter and not worry about hr's.
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  • 2/8/13
  • Gepett0

really all you are talking about is like 20 hits falling in over the course of an entire season...he already walked 60 times last year, drove in 90 rbi...the boost in average would drive his obp up over 340 just on the strength of those extra 20 hits alone...its really not much of a stretch at all

if ike reaches his FULL potential (and this would involve him doing much better against lefties)
i think he can be a 275+ hitter (but under 285.....i just dont see the contact ability to be a 285-300 hitter) w/ a 350+ obp and a 500+ slg pct that hits 35-40 hr 35-40 doubles w/ around 150 k's

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