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    • Rosenthal: Zero chance Mets sign Bourn
  • 1/24/13
  • 4545_ajd

"They probably have an inkling. But regardless, it's pretty obvious to me that they aren't going to do it, regardless.

We've heard this song before, man. I'm tired of it myself. Nothing against you, you're a good poster, but it's just not happening."

Ironic thing is I heard this same song from you about the Mets having no intention on signing Wright.


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  • 1/24/13
  • ExileMetsFan

Hey, I was wrong. Sue me. You've never been wrong?

Don't do the post thing, man. It's petty. I'm not one of the haters. I've been on your side for YEARS on this forum. I'm just worn out. I have zero confidence in ownership and management.

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  • 1/24/13
  • govmule72

"Not what he said. He said zero chance Mets meet Boras' price."

Well even if it was league minimum they wouldn't meet it...so it's not very relevant.

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  • 1/24/13
  • bbjmparis
Sure, why would any Met fan be upset that we have the worst outfield in baseball, and refuse to do anything to make it better? Why would that upset anyone? Why should Sandy do something to help the team? Well, I'm upset, and I don't think I'll be any happier about it next year...or the year after that, or any other year. I'd much rather watch a team with professional major league players than Kirk N striking out, and us losing 90 games. Silly me
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