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    • For all the ESPN org*sms over RG3 yesterday
  • 12/4/12
  • ohhthepain

RG3 certainly looks like a better QB than cam..But I understand what 4545 is saying..RG3 has a great arm, makes pretty good decisions passing the ball but his decisions running the ball I don't view the same..Last night if that fumble goes the Giants way you would have seen an example of why..That type of hit Boley put on him you cannot continue to endure in the NFL. Guys out weighing you by 50lbs launching themselves into is why there are so many rules to not only protect the QB but all the ball carriers these days..And no matter how hard the league tries you see guys getting knocked out cold week after week in game after game. RG3 legs help him be successful and in todays NFL they are going to shorten his career significantly if he keeps it up.

The redskins as of right now are riding a high..They have a QB who came into the league with incredible tools..The great QB's continue to get better and better long after the "shine" has worn off..That is the true test.

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