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    • Three way deal
  • 12/2/12
  • wrghtknght
I <damn well would mock it, as 4545 missed that once the Mets got Myers, he'd be moved WITH Mejia and Familia, as per the original post. And I thought the Mets were trying to do a mix of actually trying to field a competitive team and restocking their farm system. Giving up five players in any combination at this point isn't going to help the Mets. Stanton may be good, but he isn't worth that much. And why the <HELL would we trade Wheeler now? Isn't he part of the "future"?
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  • 12/3/12
  • 4545_ajd
I didn't miss anything, and Mejia Familia and Meyers for Stanton I would do in a second.
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  • 12/3/12
  • edmet
not bad but i might keep myers. i think kc will hold out for niese. dickey and thole for arenciba and rajai davis might work. better yet, gee and some secondary prospects for arenciba and davis/wheeler is eventually taking someones spot in rotation. 2014{harvey-wheeler-niese with gee or dickey, santana likely gone. if we still have mejjia he can slot in at 5]. i rather trade gee or mejjia with secondary prospects like gorski for arenciba-davis. flores projects as a nice trade chip too. then if we dont get myers trade for choo (flores package) sign a decent FA reliever and we look good. myers arenciba rajai davis would be a real coup for alderson if he keeps harvey niese wheeler intact. choo arenciba davis a coup if he keeps dickey harvey niese wheeler intact.
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