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    • Gavin Glenn Christopher Joseph Cechinni
  • 1/22/13
  • kaztast1c
Cecchini' FLOOR is a MLB utility man. His CEILING is, obviously, higher than that. It really surprises me how many people who watched the draft also failed to listen to the draft.
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  • 1/22/13
  • 4545_ajd
Sandy said the Mets had him sixth overall and he was the highest ranked player left on their board
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  • 1/22/13
  • elsid1986
I watched and I listened and I think its a wasted pick.

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  • 1/22/13
  • nocedog

<<<Cecchini' FLOOR is a MLB utility man.>>>

Mindless logic right there. Anyone's floor, including Dylan Bundy's, is major league failure.

You just guaranteed Cecchini is a useful major league baseball player. Credibility, pwease.

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  • 1/22/13
  • Gepett0

his ceiling is a solid but unspectacular middle infielder...and his floor is a AAAA utility guy...not even a guaranteed major league bench player...that is what i dont like about this pick...if you go young hs guys w/ potential, you need to go w/ guys who have a shot at being starts...high risk, high reward players....cecchini is a mid to high risk relatively low reward player...yes guys that can play short are always in demand but imo even if cecchini reaches his ceiling, he's not a difference maker

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