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    • True test of Tribe's resilence
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  • 8/8/13
  • manamal
The Tribe fought hard and came up short again, Detroit is the better team, But the tribe went toe to toe with them, but could not get over the hump for a win. No matter what happens in today's game. The Indians needs to regroup and show the resilience they had during this season, They were written off in June when they lost 8 straight games. They bounced back. We'll see if they can bounced back from this disappointing series. Beating Scherzier ( Spelling?) to night is going to be a real tough task. I am a fan of Cleveland sports teams. I will be rooting for the tribe to the very end of the season. Lets hope the front office can build upon this season and add the pieces they need to really contend for the division.
They need to sign Kazmir,
The need to find a Clean up RBI guy. If He can play 3rd Base that can resolve two issues with one player.
A quality Left handed reliever
a Long reliever, we have to many 1 inning guys, That hurt us in last Night's extra inning game. and also hurt us when a starting pitcher fails to have a quality start.
If they just do what I have said and keep the pieces that they already have. The Tribe can really compete to win the Division next year. I believe we have a solid Starting rotation that we can win with for next year.
This season is not over even if we lose tonight. Plenty of games left to go after the wild card spot. So Hang in there, Tribe Fans!
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  • 8/8/13
  • MrMcFeely
These losses have exposed each and every weakness in our "team", systematically. Poor clutch hitting, poor clutch pitching, no heart, no drive, no will to win. The cleveland Indians everybody... joke of MLB!
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  • 8/8/13
  • jun26
Dude, they are ten games over 500. not really a joke team. Im sure just last week you were saying how we were going to the playoffs...
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  • 8/8/13
  • 0pitches


What team have you been watching all year?

They have excelled at 2 out hitting (clutch hitting?)
They have 9 walk off wins, 2nd most in MLB (heart, drive, will to win?)
They have 15 shut outs, most in MLB (clutch pitching)

Oh wait... you are upset because they lost 3 very close games to a team that is far more talented than us. The played their hearts out and left everything on the field 3 days in a row but came out on the wrong side.

I get you are frustrated but this is baseball, no need to make stuff up.

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  • 8/8/13
  • MrMcFeely
No.. actually, I was happy that we were beating teams we should be beating; teams that will be nowhere near the playoffs. And we lost a few games to those teams too.

Edited 8/8/13   by  MrMcFeely
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  • 8/8/13
  • galt9

Not good enough I think hits it between the eyes. It seems to me that they just roill over for the Tigers when the Tigewrs need them to.

Roster review:

+ means a Keeper
- means move him
= means could go either way


32 Matt Albers L-R 6'1" 225 Jan 20, 1983 =
37 Cody Allen R-R 6'1" 210 Nov 20, 1988 =
53 Rich Hill L-L 6'5" 220 Mar 11, 1980 =
30 Ubaldo Jimenez R-R 6'5" 210 Jan 22, 1984 =
26 Scott Kazmir L-L 6'0" 185 Jan 24, 1984 +
63 Justin Masterson R-R 6'6" 250 Mar 22, 1985 +
34 Zach McAllister R-R 6'6" 240 Dec 8, 1987 +
54 Chris Perez R-R 6'4" 230 Jul 1, 1985 -
35 Marc Rzepczynski L-L 6'1" 215 Aug 29, 1985 =
31 Danny Salazar R-R 6'0" 190 Jan 11, 1990 +
27 Bryan Shaw S-R 6'1" 210 Nov 8, 1987 =
38 Joe Smith R-R 6'2" 205 Mar 22, 1984 =
Kluber +

Catchers both keepers


4 Mike Aviles R-R 5'10" 205 Mar 13, 1981 +
13 Asdrubal Cabrera S-R 6'0" 205 Nov 13, 1985 -
8 Lonnie Chisenhall L-R 6'2" 190 Oct 4, 1988 +
22 Jason Kipnis L-R 5'11" 190 Apr 3, 1987 ++
12 Mark Reynolds R-R 6'2" 220 Aug 3, 1983 =
33 Nick Swisher S-L 6'0" 200 Nov 25, 1980 +

Only Stubbs earns a = Bourn and Brantley are no brainers, Rayburn just got extended so he is not going anywhere

Love what Giambi has brought the team just don't know about taking a roster spot so =

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  • 8/8/13
  • snowdaddy89
long reliever hurt us?? LOL
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  • 8/8/13
  • adaree

"These losses have exposed each and every weakness in our "team", systematically. Poor clutch hitting, poor clutch pitching, no heart, no drive, no will to win. The cleveland Indians everybody... joke of MLB!"

You are literally the saddest sack I have ever heard of....this team is 10 games over .500, and we're the joke of MLB...you do realize...there are teams that are 20, 30, 40 games games below .500, right?

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  • 8/8/13
  • loulifer
Thank You Adaree..I get a kick out of these quit on the team bandwagoners.
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  • 8/8/13
  • manamal
Obviously the Tigers are the better team, there is no argument there, But the Indians are better than most of the teams. The Indians are in the lower part of the top ten in baseball.
Red Sox
are better than the Tribe
About even.
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  • 8/8/13
  • manamal
Reynolds have been optioned out, He is gone.
For now I would put Brantley in as Clean up. It seems no matter where you put him in the line up. It does not seem to bother him.
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  • 8/8/13
  • manamal
Lack of one. we don't have one.
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  • 8/8/13
  • adaree
Mostly agree...but I don't think the Rangers are substantially better than the Tribe.
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  • 8/8/13
  • clemson777
Especially without Cruz and a fragile pitching staff. Still a long way to go in the wild card race. We could use a useful bat and still some pen help here in August. We've been very resiliant in bouncing back from stretches like this all year. A win tonight, tall order with Scherzer out there, would go a long way toward that. Series against a woeful Angels team this weekend is huge
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  • 8/8/13
  • adaree
July 2nd through the 8th we went 1-5 to the Tigers and Royals. We then went 13 and 5 over the rest of the month.
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  • 8/8/13
  • tigerjohn
Maybe your team need to sit and watch "Major League" a few more times and that should give them some incentive......by the way, which one is Pedro Cerano?....
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  • 8/8/13
  • dexter2004
I would actually put the rangers on the bottom of that list. There are also a few nl teams missing.
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