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  • 5/14/10
  • Mr Wert

1. Brennon Boesch will stay and play until he shows he can't hit anymore. Is he Chris Shelton or another Miguel Cabrera. He's had a couple good outings vs. LH pitching this week. Let's see. I like him. I think he's the real deal.

2. What will happen to Carlos Guillen? Where will he play? Will he play much at all? Damon, Ordonez, Jackson and Boesch give us a great OF/DH group. My guess is they will find a way to keep CG on the DL for a while. I am not optimistic that a.) he can stay health and , b.) that he can be very productive for any extended period of time.

3. Scherzer has to show us something tonight. I'm not ready to say that Bonderman and Willis are going to be very reliable for us. Porcello probably will be. Verlander's OK....no problem there. Scherzer is very important. He's gotta get it done.

4. I'm looking for a Tiger sweep of the BoSox this weekend and a Yankee sweep of the Twinkies. Monday morning the Tigers will be back in 1st place.

5. Don Kelly showed his versatility and value this week. Not a great bat, but a very reliable defensive replacement. Raburn is just not a very good outfielder. Kelly is better. He will stay. A pitcher will go when Guillen comes back.

Looking forward to this week's games.

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