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    • Cowgill looks Impressive
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  • 2/24/13
  • TheGMan47
I know its only been two spring training games but Cowgill certainly is looking good. A good pickup by Sandy.
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  • 2/24/13
  • 4545_ajd
Obviously it's very early and things can turn around in a second, but if things continue this way he could be the opening day left fielder. Cowgill 4 for 4, Duda 0-6 with 5Ks. Again it's still very early.
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  • 2/24/13
  • edmet
for jeffry marte who was going nowhere with mets, i agree a good pickup.
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  • 2/24/13
  • Gepett0

ugh i wish we could trade duda to an AL team for something...maybe something like a guy that we let go for no reason like oday

oh wait thats right, baltimore would never do that trade

does the fact that we let oday go after 4 games when he hadnt surrendered a single run bother anybody else? I was p*ssed at the time and im even more p*ssed today as he signs a nice extension to be one of the better set up men in baseball...

why did we lose him you may ask? we had to call up nelson figueroa and decided that oday was more expendable than guys like brian stokes (who brought us GMJ oh joy) or casey fossum among others...random, i know...its just been bugging me lately...since leaving, hes had 1 bad injury-ridden year and 3 good to great ones

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  • 2/24/13
  • Kranesback
There's a TJ somebody on the Orioles that I would take for him...looks like a good middle inning reliever
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  • 2/24/13
  • viper99
The Mets have too many one dimensional players like Duda. I much rather give an opportunity to guys like Lutz, Valdespin, Flores.
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  • 2/24/13
  • DFAB
well, we are going to need him to be if we have any hope of being somewhat competitive this year. If he can consistently patrol CF with solid defense and a solid OBP and BA, coupled with some 25 hr potential with Duda, we can be competitive.
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  • 2/24/13
  • 86kid
I could see Duda making some sense for an AL team in need of a part-time/DH type bat . We'd have to package him with someone to hope for a good player in return. Maybe you pair Flores + Duda and get back a top caliber major league ready OF prospect ?
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  • 2/25/13
  • brianinwi
Duda's got to start hitting before he has any trade value. Our one-dimensional player is looking like a ZERO-dimensional player so far this spring.
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  • 2/25/13
  • MetObserver
Yes after 7 ABs we can tell so much about a player. Give him a week or two at least before all the gloom and doom descends on him.
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