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  • 2/23/13
  • kenny2112

Everyone talks about how bad the outfield is, but I am cautiously optimistic. Think it might not be so bad and comparing to the 2000 outfield, could be alright. It is weaker this year, but was Payton, Agbayani and Bell really that much better than what we potentially have? More power then yes, but not dramatically better in my opinion.

Also, we could be better at first and third now, worse at second and unclear of what we have for comparison at short. Piazza is a huge difference, but the rotation could be reasonably comparable if things work out with the kids' potential. Bullpen is weaker.

Curious how others would compare the two teams and if we assume this team is worse, what moves make them comparable or even better? Probably a bat in right with some more solid D. Potentially a 1A starter if Harvey isn't superhuman and a reliable bullpen, but all in maybe only a couple pieces from equivalent talent/upside. Thoughts?

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  • 2/23/13
  • jsmet
After 34 views nobody replied back to your thread I wonder why?
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  • 2/24/13
  • kenny2112

Numbers show it's not that different in terms of outfield production outside of average and obp, but those will likely improve this year given another year of experience for all 3 of our starters. Below is using 2000 numbers vs. last year for the presumed starting 3, which implies no upside development.

If I told you that Duda hit 30 home runs would you be surprised? That's nearly the entire power differential. A supposedly horrible outfield isn't that far off from 2000. (20 runs, 15 hr, 35 rbi, but a good deal of average). Again, Duda with 10 more home runs than his pace last year is a good portion of the difference alone.

Double Nieuwenheis with 628 ab’s
80 14 56 8 252 with a .315 obp

Duda 162 game average or 509 ab’s
60 19 78 1 .256 with a .338 obp

Baxter at almost 550 ab’s
79 9 51 15 .263 with a .365 obp

Agbayani multiplied 1.5 for 525 ab’s
90 21 90 8 .289 .391 obp

Payton 529 pa
63 17 62 5 .291 .331 obp

Bell 546 ab’s
87 18 69 8 .266 .348 obp

240 56 221 21 .280 ish .353 = 2000
219 42 185 24 .255 ish .339 = now

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  • 2/24/13
  • oceans48
Very hard to evaluate right now. You're assuming Kirk, Duda, Baxter......could be a lot of Cowgil, Byrd, DD and Brown in there. Plus, don't overlook the Valentine factor in 2000. I happen to believe this years cast will outshine the 2000 group as far as the OF goes. Keeping fingers crossed.
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  • 2/24/13
  • GoMets6986
Byrd has a huge advantage over Brown. Byrd apparently killed it in the Mexican Winter League and he looked pretty good yesterday. I'd be shocked if Brown makes the team over Byrd.
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  • 2/24/13
  • Metopia
Vegas is a nice gig if he can get it.
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