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    • Cesar Puello linked to Biogenesis Lab
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  • 2/19/13
  • JackNicholson
Bummer. Well, I guess the bright side of this is that many Mets officials believe Puello had too many holes in his swing to play in the Majors. But still, a bummer.
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  • 2/20/13
  • Bowser

"Actually some scouts said he was a potential 5 toolplayer with the highest upside of the Met OF prospects"

I guess now we know why

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  • 2/20/13
  • 4545_ajd
I know he has had a bunch of injuries, I wonder if he started using it as part of a recovery type program.
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  • 2/20/13
  • bbjmparis
Flop-Mart?? I guess not even drugs could help him.
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