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    • So what other moves would you like to see before ST?
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  • 2/17/13
  • DFAB

I would like to see us add Wilson and Sizemore. I wouldn't mind seeing Chris Young getting a ST invite either. Sizemore is a high risk, but would cost next to nothing. Signing him this year with an option for 2014 could be a great move if he can get a couple months of healthy baseball in this year. So, in summary:


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  • 2/17/13
  • hamp
Those would be okay....Which Wilson are you talking...I don't think Young is going to happen after the Marcum signing
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  • 2/17/13
  • metman79
i agree
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  • 2/17/13
  • thebobymon
Warthen...Moon walk
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  • 2/18/13
  • AdrianMonk

I would sign Aaron Heilman to a minor league contract, and trade for Nick Evans.
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  • 2/18/13
  • RobfromLI


I don't see those names as being all that useful, just more stuff to toss at the wall I suppose in hopes that something sticks. I just want to see some baseball at this point, I'm kind of tired hearing about all the could be kinda helpful players if they play above their potential.


Since there isn't anyone available that is an actual difference maker I say we just go into the season with what we have and hope for the best.

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  • 2/18/13
  • nutz4pugs

"moves"?? At my age "moves" are a morning ritual for discussion. Oh, you mean baseball moves?



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  • 2/18/13
  • brianinwi
Wilmer Flores for Bryce Brentz straight up.
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  • 2/18/13
  • MetObserver
Wilson and Sizemore will not be ready to start the season. Both would be expected at the earliest in May or June. Why would you want them to clog things up on the 40 man roster if they aren't available?
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  • 2/18/13
  • 58pwrhtr
a closer would be nice. We currently have none on the roster. We could have a great bullpen and have it all unravel with the 9th inning.
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  • 2/18/13
  • DFAB
because if they DO get healthy, they could possibly make a difference....hence the reason why I said include an option on Sizemore. It's another low risk/high reward thing just like most of our signings so far.
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