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    • Time #1 Story of 2012: Mets OF
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  • 2/16/13
  • alex8686

In an announcement which surprised nobody, Time magazine has named the Mets really crappy outfield and lack of legitimate Major League outfielders as its #1 story of the year for 2012. The story far exceeded such major events as the reelection of Barak Obama, the Sandy Hook shootings, and superstorm Sandy.

It was a story which brought together the entire nation, as virtually not a person on the earth disagreed the Mets atrocious outfield was an embarrassment, with the likes of Lucas Duda, Mike Baxter, Colin Cowgill, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis, more like AAAA players than legitimate major leaguers, manning territory at Citi Field. Add waiver wire pickup Andrew Brown in as the 5th outfielder, and the entire nation was sold on the absolute disaster that is the 2013 Mets projected outfield.

Time magazine plans on putting Andrew Brown on its cover as evidence of the atrociousness of one of the worst assembled major league outfields in history.

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  • 2/16/13
  • Metopia
Time magazine is usually wrong.
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