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    • Heading to spring traing at port St Lucy !!
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  • 2/16/13
  • Mets123

The last time i was to Port St Lucy for spring training was in 1989 ! I"m going with my son the 2nd week of March for 7 days !! I'v been a Mets fan since 1963 !! Was at the first ever opening day at Shea also the last day at Shea and first ever game at City Field with St Johns Georgetown playing and saw the Mets Red Sox"s EG game . this all before opening day at City-Field witch we were at Mets Marlins !! And i haven"t missed a opening day game in 27 years and have been at 35 opening day games !! I am a died hard Mets fan that been thought it all with this team !! Now on the other hand my son 20 years old is the biggest Mets fan !! On his first day going to per K school he was 4 and had his Mets hat on and another kid had his Yankees hat on !! Now he had already been to Mets game"s he went up to the kid and sat THE YANKEES S!!! LOL !! That"s my boy LOL !! So as much as i am down on this team right now ! My son is not he understands would it takes to rebuild !! And is looking forward to the future of the Mets !! We are going to see 6 games can"t wait !!



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  • 2/17/13
  • Kranesback
Can't make it this year, but have fun. Remember, if a player gives you a broken bat, mail it home...you can't carry it on the plane.
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  • 2/17/13
  • Mets123
Thanks will do !1
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