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    • Early Over/Unders: Team Wins
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  • 2/13/13
  • 4545_ajd
Tigers 90
Dodgers 90
Nationals 90
Angels 89.5 (-120o)
Reds 88.5
Rangers 87
Yankees 86.5 (-120u)
BlueJays 86.5
Braves 86
Giants 86
Rays 86
Cardinals 85.5
Athletics 83 (-120u)
D-backs 81.5 (-120o)
Phillies 81.5
WhiteSox 80.5
RedSox 79.5 (-120o)
Brewers 79.5
Royals 79
Pirates 79
Indians 77.5 (-120o)
Orioles 76.5
Mariners 76.5
Padres 74.5
Mets 74 (-120u)
Cubs 72
Rockies 71.5
Marlins 64.5 (-120u)
Twins 64.5
Astros 59.5 (-120o)


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  • 2/13/13
  • Deadtrek
Put me down for Mets under and the Orioles, nats over
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  • 2/13/13
  • thagreat1

Mets finish .500 or better

Flame away

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  • 2/13/13
  • Gepett0
tigers over
dodgers uner
nats over
angels over
reds over
rangers over
yankees under
jays over
braves under (they will underwhelm w/ chipper gone)
giants over
rays over
cardinals under
a's over
dbacks under
phillies under
whitesox under
redsox under (may be one of the worst teams in baseball)
brewers under (braun gets suspended for peds at some point)
royals even
pirates over (they'll get to 500 this year)
Indians under (pitching is terrible)
orioles way over (this is baffling)
mariners under
padres under
mets torn...i want to go w/ even....i see them as winning b/t 70 and 80 games...i dont see them crossing either plane...bc the ave there would be 75 ill say over
cubs under (they are going to be bad)
rockies under (do they have a 5th starter yet?)
marlins over...i say 65
twins over ...same
astros under (they are going to set the record this year....they sold off every useful piece they had last season)
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  • 2/13/13
  • agbayani50
I think the Dodgers are a pretty safe "under" and the Twins are a pretty safe "over." The Dodgers didn't perform well last year when they had all their pieces in place, and the Twins ALWAYS surprise people when you'd least expect it.
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  • 2/13/13
  • thebobymon

Cardinals 85.5

Guess they are winning the WS again.

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  • To:All
  • 2/13/13
  • melloca
The Mets are an easy under
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  • 2/13/13
  • Kranesback
Excuse my ignorance, but what does the (-120o or -120u) mean...looks like some kind of electrical measurement.
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  • 2/13/13
  • edmet
i have mets at 75w, so over.
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  • 2/13/13
  • MetObserver
I think it represents the bets he made or would make on those teams -120 means you put up that much to win back 200 the o & u are simply which way he would bet.
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  • 2/13/13
  • 4545_ajd
Its normally -110 meaning you would have to bet $110 to win $100, -120 means that you have to bet $120 in order to win 100.
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  • 2/13/13
  • 123andout
But Benny A, the Dodgers never did have all their "pieces in place" after the Red Sox trade. Chad Billingsley, who had been pitching well, went down with an injury. Clayton Kershaw missed some starts and was fighting through a hip problem when he did pitch. Carl Crawford, who's scheduled to be in LF on opening day this season, was on the DL when the trade with Boston was made and never played an inning for LA. Matt Kemp, who turned out to need shoulder surgery after the season was over, obviously wasn't himself the final weeks of the season and struggled. Closer Kanley Jansen was out with his now surgically repaired heart problem. And lastly, a very important piece heading into 2013, Zach Greinke, didn't become a Dodger until the 2012 season ended.
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  • 2/13/13
  • johnyringo
74 realy, I was hoping for something lower for the mets so they can overachieve.
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  • 2/13/13
  • jsmet

Mets over
Yankees under
Orioles over
Blue jays over
Anjels over
A's. Over

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  • 2/13/13
  • AdrianMonk

If the Nats only win 90, we've got a fighting chance.
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  • 2/13/13
  • vbch

Tigers 90 Over
Dodgers 90 Over
Nationals 90 Over
Yankees 86.5 Over
Giants 86 Over
Cardinals 85.5 Over

Royals 79 Under
Astros 59.5 Under

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  • 2/14/13
  • deviljuice

Mets- under

Dodgers- over

Angels- over

Rangers- under

Blue Jays- over

Cardinals- under

Red Sox- under

Yankees- under

Royals- under

Orioles- over

Division winners will be: Nationals, Reds, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Tigers and Angels. Wild Cards: Orioles and Braves. World Series: Angels over the Dodgers. MVP's: Jose Reyes and joey Votto. Cy Young's: Strasburg and Scherzer.

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  • 2/14/13
  • SuperShredder
Tigers 90 Over
Dodgers 90 Under
Nationals 90 Over
Angels 89.5 (-120o) Over
Reds 88.5 Over
Rangers 87 Under
Yankees 86.5 (-120u) Under
BlueJays 86.5 Under
Braves 86 Over
Giants 86 Over
Rays 86 Over
Cardinals 85.5 Over
Athletics 83 (-120u) Over
D-backs 81.5 (-120o) Under
Phillies 81.5 Over
WhiteSox 80.5 Under
RedSox 79.5 (-120o) Over
Brewers 79.5 Over
Royals 79 Under
Pirates 79 Under
Indians 77.5 (-120o) Under
Orioles 76.5 Over
Mariners 76.5 Under
Padres 74.5 Under
Mets 74 (-120u) Over
Cubs 72 Under
Rockies 71.5 Under
Marlins 64.5 (-120u) Under
Twins 64.5 Over
Astros 59.5 (-120o) Under

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  • 2/14/13
  • Gepett0
i bet you were one of the geniuses saying that the mets would lose 100 games last year
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  • 2/15/13
  • elsid1986

While anything can happen in a season, these preseason predictions have been pretty close on the Mets the last 3 years.

2010 - preseason 82 Actual - 79
2011 - preseason 76 Actual - 77
2012 - preseason 72 Actual - 74

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