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    • So where do we stand for 2013
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  • 2/12/13
  • Kranesback

With Bourne going to Cleveland, this season might look like this?


1. Toronto 98-64
2. Tampa. 88-74
3. Baltimore 86-76
4. New York 85-77
5. Boston 79-83

1. Detroit 101-61
2. Kansas City 76-86
3. Chicago 73-89
4. Cleveland 70-92
5. Minnesota 64-98

1. Anaheim 95-67
2. Oakland 91-71
3. Texas 80-82
4. Seattle 77-85
5. Houston 59-102


1. Washington 100-62
2. Atlanta 94-68
3. Philadelphia 82-80
4. New York 68-94
5. Miami 61-101

1. Cincinnatti 97-75
2. St. Louis 89-73
3. Milwaukee 74-88
4. Pittsburgh 71-91
5. Chicago 67-95

1. San Francisco 103-59
2. Los Angeles 92-70
3. Arizona 83-79
4. San Diego 65-97
5. Houston 59-103

This should get some discs suit going and insults flying.

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  • 2/12/13
  • Remember86

Firstly, isn't Houston in the AL West this year? I don't think the Indians are going to be that bad. They were in first place for quite a while last season and then took a horrific dive the last two months or so. With the addition of Bourn and a new manager, I think they'll be better than a 70 win team. I'm not sold on the Orioles. I could just as easily see the Yankees in third and the Orioles in fourth.

I don't know that St. Louis will be quite as good as you have them. I also think the Brewers will be better than you do. They had a horrible first half, but really came on during the second half. As far as the hot button item of what the Met record will be, I will say 74 wins, even though I'm not quite sure if their lack of offense can be offset enough by a better pitching staff to equal last year's record. I agree with the fourth place positioning though.

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  • 2/13/13
  • bbjmparis

Yeah, you have Houston in both the AL and NL west. Playing a game less in the AL too.

I don't think the Yankess will be as bad as you have them. Right now, maybe, but they'll spend like demons at the trade deadline and buy up whatever they need. They might not win the division, or even be a wild card team, but not 4th.

I think you have too many teams winning and losing 100 games. Neither is easy to do.

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  • 2/13/13
  • Kranesback
Sorry..s/b Colorado.
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