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  • 2/11/13
  • drjoe807
Enjoy watching perhaps the WORST OUTFIELD IN MLB HISTORY....another trick pulled off by Wilpon and company...At this point the Wilpons would sell their own mothers for that type of money...One third of our starting nine are AA players at best...What a Joke...
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  • 2/11/13
  • _BigNick
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  • 2/11/13
  • bucknerismyhero
Honestly, who in 2014 are we going to have that is any better? I know that we will have money to play with, but there are no real difference makers in free agency that are attainable. We missed the boat on Bourn because Sandy didn't petition baseball on the compensation issue sooner. Now we need to hope that the middling kids we have already develop and/or the slop we have picked up on the scrap heap sticks.
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  • 2/11/13
  • _BigNick
He couldn't petition it sooner, only liked Bourn because the market never developed for him. The market was expected for him, and centerfielders in general, no way anyone could have predicted those CF trades.

Some guys to have interest in next year:
Jacoby Ellsbury
Chase Utley
Carlos Gomez
Curtis Granderson
Shin-Soo Choo
Hunter Pence

But trades will always be an option - the Mets, I'm guessing, will be moving all but the top guys who can help now in addition to a player with no spot but potential like Flores.
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