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    • I'm confident about the rule change, because Sandy is
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  • 2/6/13
  • sheadro
Lets not forget that Sandy served as the executive vice president for baseball operations for the commissioner's office. He's got friends in high places. That's not to say that will impact the decision (although that kind of lobbying power can't hurt) but I'm pretty confident he has a pretty strong pulse on how MLB might rule. If David is calling Bourne who do you think Sandy is calling? Love him, hate him, or indifferent, I think we can all agree Sandy is a very calculated guy. Does anyone think he'd come so far with Boras and Bourne if his confidence about a ruling wasn't something beyond an assumption?
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  • 2/6/13
  • 4545_ajd
Good point about Executive Vice President of Baseball operations thing, people like to mention how Fred and Selig are friends but Sandy was pretty much Bud's right hand man for 7 years.
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