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    • Why Mike Francessa is the Best
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  • 2/6/13
  • goetzcougar34

Background: I am 23 years old and live in the NY Area and as many die hard sports fans in this area, growing up you listened to Mike and Mad dog and now mike. I grew up listening to this guy and although I dont always agree with him, I still believe he is the best at what he does here's why: (post prompted by consistent hate i see on here for him)

1. Love him or hate him you listen. And if you don't listen you have high emotions about him. This alone makes him one of the best.

2. Here's where many of you will disagree, but I honestly think he is fair with most topics. Of course he has his biases but he judges teams, situations, people objectively based on what he can observe. If credit is deserved he gives it, if ridiculing is deserved he serves it.

3. He is ridiculously knowledgeable. Outside hockey (which he does his best). He can provide insight into MLB, NFL, and NBA at a very high level. For teams all over the country! ever listen to other area sports shows? Its almost all about that city with little knowledge about other teams.

4. This ones short: He is one of the best interviewers in the business. He asks tough questions and will get on you.

5. He does not go into athletes personal lives or any off the field issues because he simply does not care! As he shouldnt! You might not think this is that important but listen around and you will here others comment or speculate about bs that doesnt concern us.

6. If you make a point he agrees with or did not think about...he tells you!

1. Rude with his callers: Not all, but some. Yea i do agree he can be rude at times, but do you hear some of these callers? (and its not like they are all respectful back).

2. Cuts callers off: Have you ever been on hold? I havent for his show but I imagine it can take forever. The show has at any given time 10 callers on hold and thousands more calling in. He cant stay on the line too long.

3. Talks over people: THIS IS NEW YORK! WE LOVE OUR SPORTS! Have a sports conversation with your friend and you will talk over each other and not even think about it.

Summary: I am making this post based on his ability and his entertainment value. He is the best at what he does. If you simply dislike him as a person that fine, that's not what im defending here.

PS: I dont work for show (the show wouldn't need this anyway). I just see so many hateful things about him whenever mentioned and its undeserved, he knows his stuff, he loves this city, his kids, etc.

Yes. I am bored

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  • 2/6/13
  • thagreat1
Get a room you two.
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Message 548127.3 was deleted
  • 2/6/13
  • thebobymon
Man I wish I had more time right now to address this one by one.
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  • 2/6/13
  • jsmet
You ever tought of becoming a book writer or work for a newspaper ?
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  • 2/6/13
  • thegooch42
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  • 2/6/13
  • JackNicholson

Good work.

You may not have a popular opinion, but you back it up with reasons/facts, and I respect that.

Look into journalism or something, man. You have a skill for it.

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  • 2/6/13
  • dvsol

<<as many die hard sports fans in this area, growing up you listened to Mike and Mad dog and now mike.>>

That statement is very presumptuous.

I've been a sports fan in the NYC area for 40 years, and I've never listened to windbags like Francessa, Chris Russo, or anybody else you want to mention because I've never needed any of those clowns do my thinking for me.

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  • 2/6/13
  • Bowser
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  • 2/6/13
  • danthemetfan

I am from out of state, so I never listened to his show, but when I broke into radio 8 or 9 years ago, I board oped his sunday morning NFL countdown show, and I was amazed at his lack of knowledge. Here was a guy that I had heard was so great, and he basically knew nothing. He had a decent grasp (not great) of the Giants, a modicum of facts about NFC East opponents, at that was it. He would get names of players wrong on other teams weekly. You could hear that he just read his monologues, and there was no emphasis on anything. His interviews were horrid. I don't remember him ever asking a tough question in two years, and his predictions were always wrong, because he didnt know anything. Now maybe he had his hands tied by the NFL, but I got the idea it was just his show and he wasnt being a shill. Any professional knows its their name on the show, and they should show up and do a good job, even if it was stupid early on a Sunday morning.

Edited 2/6/13   by  danthemetfan
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  • 2/6/13
  • robrock30

I agree with your analysis. Mike is the top dog in NY sports although not as entertaining w/o the Mad Dog. I enjoy his show, his interviews are strong, his grasp of most sports & media is superb. I appreciate that he is a peer of mine in age & I identify with his historical references. He does have a clear Yankee bias & is anti-Jet but I can't really blame him because the Yankees & Giants are class orgs. while the Mets & Jets well you know. I used to be Mets & Jet full season ticket holder.

You neglected to mention that he is great with horse racing and covers college sports well. I think he is too soft with Met GM's especially Sandy. Mike also has risen to take up causes like with Sandy the recent storm by going against the utility cos.
He single handedly got the NY marathon cancelled which the Mayor resisted. He has a good moral compass. He went against the Golf PGA with the US Open tix & the rainout. Good coverage on Penn State scandal also.

I grew up waiting to listen to Howard Cosell who was the top dog of that era. I also enjoy Dan Patrick's show now.

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  • 2/7/13
  • johnyringo

50% hack.

90 when it comes to NY BB.

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  • 2/7/13
  • DFAB

no no no...it's"


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  • 2/8/13
  • lizzz


That is so annoying....and if it's a Mets fan he's talking to....CLICK....he then hangs up on them!

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  • 2/8/13
Ever hear Lou do that impression on Imus?
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  • 2/8/13
  • nutz4pugs

True, for the most part. But I did and do think the show was better with Russo. Not at all saying Russo was better, just that he made the SHOW better.

I personally thought they were perfect with each other, but both had/have egos that needed stroking and that was the end of that.

I know Francesas' contract is up soon, and I hope they renew it but with a co-host. The show needs a co-host in my opinion. I just don't watch it with the regularity I did when Russo was there.

Btw, even though I have SiriusXM, I don't listen to Russos' 1:00 show.

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  • 2/8/13
  • hammr1952

maddog leaving fatcesa has killed that show.
and he has stated many times on air he is only a solo act.

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  • 2/8/13
  • nutz4pugs

If he did say that, it's to his detriment. The show is just not as good anymore. From my own personal standpoint, I watch it a lot less and I'm retired with lots of time on my hands. Hands that now hold a fishing rod instead of a remote more often than not.


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