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    • Wright text - recruiting Bourne
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  • 2/5/13
  • anthony888

MLB to tonight reports that DW has been trying to persuade Bourne to come to the Mets

I'm at the point where I may not want to sign a player that doesn't want to play here.

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  • 2/5/13
  • HundleytheLFer

Bourn hasn't signed yet, b/c Boras hasn't gotten a contract offer he likes. Not b/c Bourn is refusing to play for the Mets.

Wright talking to Bourn is just him being his nice guy talking to new teammates/potential teammates thing.

There are potentially other reasons not to want Bourn though

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  • 2/5/13
  • anthony888

I agree with both of you. However, then where does Wright come into play here? Why would he be texting Bourne, trying to convince him to come here?

Could it be a situation where Boras, Mets and MLB have quietly worked something out, but Bourne doesn't want to play here?

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  • 2/5/13
  • anthony888

<<<< It is done all the time. Players being courted by a team have their top names contact them as a way trying to get them.>>>>

Yes, I know this.

I'm just wondering why DW would get involved, if there are so many other obstacles?

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  • 2/5/13
  • HundleytheLFer

I highly doubt that the Mets/Boras have worked out a deal and Bourn is refusing to come here.

Wright contacting him is pretty typical stuff. Standard recruitment type thing. I'd imagine its helpful for FA players to be able to talk to other players instead of just the front office guys. And (outside of the $ which is the main issue) it probably helps them feel wanted a little bit too.

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