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    • 3 of the last 10 years...
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  • 2/5/13
  • metsheart
Only 3 of last 10 yrs did #1 NLE payroll team make the playoffs.
(That's 7 out of 10 times from 2003 - 2012 #1 NLE payroll team sat home & watched the playoffs)

2006- Mets

2010 - Phillies

2011 - Phillies

No WS wins for #1 NLE payroll team. No WS appearances for #1 NLE payroll team.
(2008 Phils had #3 NLE payroll behind Mets & Braves)

Where's the proof that spending bigger will help Mets get to playoffs?
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  • 2/5/13
  • Deadtrek
maybe not proof , but it would be a lot more fun to talk about them , and they would not be so worried about the 10th pick in the draft.
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  • 2/5/13
  • thebobymon

>>Where's the proof that spending bigger will help Mets get to playoffs?<<

Maybe if they used those Publishers Clearing House sized checks?

Those are pretty big.

Edited 2/5/13   by  thebobymon
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  • 2/5/13
  • johnyringo
Look no further then across town for proof in spending..
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  • 2/5/13
  • metsheart
Look across town for proof that spending buys you a better chance of a Championship? In the last 5 yrs Tampa Bay has the same number of division titles as the Yankees. With about 1/4 of their payroll!!

And in last 12 yrs Yankees have ONE WS Championship. Same 12 yrs Cardinals have TWO WS Championships. With HALF the Yankees payroll!
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  • 2/5/13
  • thagreat1
Yeah he set himself up for that one
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