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    • Chris Young
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  • 2/4/13
  • brooklynboy48
Why didn't Sandy bring Chris Young back, he at least finished the 2012 season healthy.
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  • 2/4/13
  • TheGMan47
He already got Marcum so now we don't need Young.
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  • 2/5/13
  • bucknerismyhero
Chris Young was a 5 inning pitcher at best. I used to hate seeing him kill our bullpen every start. Marcum is much better anyway.
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  • 2/5/13
  • 86kid

Young was a good pickup for this team, and gave us quality outings on the cheap. If our pen was bad, it was because they were just bad, not because Young wasn't a 7-8 inning pitcher. I'd would have gladly taken Young back if we had not signed Marcum. And yes, I agree, Marcum is better.

But Young, pitched six innings or better in twelve of his twenty starts. He failed to pitch at least five full innings four times. Depending how you judge a Quality Start , Chris Young’s body of work is okay. In eight of his twenty starts, he pitched six or seven innings, and allowed two runs or less. In another three starts of six plus innings, he allowed three runs. Twelve quality starts out of twenty is a nice way to return from arm surgery.

And considering he comes very cheap, I think we got very good value for our money.

Edited 2/5/13   by  86kid
Edited 2/5/13   by  86kid
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