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    • Post-Superbowl Trivia Question
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  • 2/4/13
  • thagreat1

Trick question.


And it was ALLEGEDLY more than one guy to be slayed.

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  • 2/4/13
  • murphstates

What happened to the white suit Ray Lewis was wearing the night of the double homicide is also a good one, but it can't be answered since it has never been found.

Speaking of, has more attention ever been paid to a phonier athlete who was the worst player on the field yesterday?

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  • 2/4/13
  • agbayani50
I loved the "Ray Lewis went out on top" posts. Has anyone looked at the statistics for their defense this post-season? They were horrendous. He didn't go out on top, the offense saved his defense time after time.
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