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    • Would you be happy with Willingham, Bourne, and Duda?
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  • 2/4/13
  • anthony888

Just curious....

If Sandy were to somehow get Bourne, and Willingham, would you be happy with an OF of Willingham, Bourne, and Duda?

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  • 2/4/13
  • fargol

"Would you be happy with Willingham, Bourne, and Duda?"

Only if we don't have to give up the "untouchables" from the farm, and we don't have to lose the pick for Bourn, and we don't have to pay either of them more than ~8million per year and not for more than 2 years (3 at the most w/3rd year option).

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  • 2/4/13
  • metman79
happy now, ecstatic with just one of those guys added
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  • 2/4/13
  • bbjmparis

I'd be happy with Willingham and Bourn, even if we give up draft picks, and have to pay them a fair salary set by the market, and in the case of Bourn more than 2 years. Because both are better than anything we have, or will have anytime soon, and it would send a message that we're actually interested in winning, and putting a watchable product on the field. As for "untouchable" minor leaguers, a laughable concept, I wouldn't trade them for Willingham, because somebody would be foolish enough to give us more.

Not to happy about Duda. Since we can't get more than a bag of balls for him...used balls too...we're stuck.

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  • 2/4/13
  • anthony888

I can live with Duda, if we had the other two guys.

Batting order?

TDA / Buck

I'd be happy with this lineup

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