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    • Sandy enough talk, do something to help this outfield
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  • 1/27/13
  • New_York_Mets_Fan
There is something very wrong with this franchisel (probably obvious to most). You're telling me there isn't any trade out there that could help this team without mortgaging the present and future. They sat back and watched other free agent out fielders sign while waiting and working on the Dickey Trade etc..and than Sandy has the nerve to say that the market for the outfield has dried up. What a horrible job up to this point fixing a known concern of the mets ball club. I mean how can you really tell your fans you may have to go into the season with the current batch of outfielders, is that a joke or has this franchise hit rock bottom. Anyway just had to get that off my chest as I am sick of listening to Sandy and the Wilpons BS, they talk but they do little to help the team and support met fans. I can only hope that by the time the season starts they have done something to help this out field and their team. I'm sure they can make some kind of offer for Vernon Wells (he isn't what he was but he did hit like 11 home runs in 200 and something at bats so he might have something left to offer), there has to be moves that can be made.

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  • 1/27/13
  • AdrianMonk

Wells is a name player, but he's 34 and has had two subpar seasons. He hit .230 last year in his half season. I question whether he would be an upgrade over whoever we put out there.

We can't tell that he's done a horrible job with the outfield until we see what Cowgill and Brown can give us. He missed on some deals, but you don't want someone giving away the farm just to keep the fans happy. He could have signed Hairston, but was waiting out Upton. I don't think people care that much anyway. In the end, I think the outfield will not be as bad as people expect, and would not have been helped much by any secondary trades/signings. "Proven" doesn't always come out ahead of "unproven", particularly when the "proven" are no longer stars.

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  • 1/27/13
  • Gepett0

you had some valid points to some degree though i was curious as to who you wanted him to sign as every fa out there, people have basically declared not worth it on this board

but then you mentioned wells....suddenly, anything you said, i could not take seriously, and all i could do was laugh

you want to bring in a guy that would almost undoubtedly be the worst starting of on our team...who also happens to be making 42 mil over the next two seasons

yes sandy, you are so stupid for not going out and asking the angels if they will please unload the single most overpaid player in baseball

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  • 1/27/13
  • Gepett0

pick out which is the guy that he is mad sandy isnt going out to get (while picking up a portion of the 42 mil owed to that player)

Player 1 : 121 games, 401 abs .239/.329/.389 15 hrs 15 2b 57 rbi

Player 2: 79 games 243 abs .230/.279/.403 11 hr 9 2b 29 rbi

Player 3 : 91 games 282 abs .252/.315/.376 7 hr 12 2b 1 3b 28 rbi

hmm......ill give you a hint...the other two guys will likely be starting at LF and CF this year

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  • 1/27/13
  • fargol

"I'm sure they can make some kind of offer for Vernon Wells"

Sandy did make an offer for him, but they said they already have enough bags of balls.

Sandy then sweetened the offer to include that thing players use to dig the mud out of their spikes, but no soap.

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  • 1/27/13
  • rnr8396
I understand your frustration over the overall lack in improvement of the team, especially in regards to the Outfield. I agree, but do not want a signing or trade just for the sake of "activity". I want something done only if it will improve the team without potentially damaging the long term success of the franchise. I have seen too many moves over the years, where they trade or sign a player for the "now" only to be disappointed and hurt us in the "now AND later".
Sandy goal has not been to simply work on the 2013 team. Sandy has been patient this off season, and for the most part, it has served him well. That patience is what allowed him to wait out the R.A.Dickey market and land us 3 players that will help now in Buck, now and later in d'Arnoud, and later in Syndergaard. He lost out on Hairston, yes...but that was because he had to wait for the Upton market to fully develop and couldn't (nor shouldn't) have determined what playing time Hairston would have received, as it appears that was a factor in Hairston's final decision. Did you really want Sandy to give up either Wheeler or Harvey, along with d'Arnoud and another 2 top prospects (probably including Syndergaard) for Upton? If they were 1 Outfielder away from Post Season play like they were back when they traded for Gary Carter, I might agree. The truth is they are several players away from respectability because of previous bad contracts like it "seems" you are/were clamoring for.
The bottom line mwm03 is that along with Sandy's patience on rebuilding not just THIS team, but our entire franchise (which he IS doing), WE the fans must also be patient and let the work he has begun to continue. We are closer to the point when a decision whether this direction is right, and my belief is that it is. I want to win, but not just for 1 year. I want to be considered a favorite for the Post Season each and every year. To do that you need a few things that we don't have or haven't had for a long time. We need a core in place to build around. We need bad contracts off the books so resources can be wisely directed where needed. We need young kids developing at all levels of the franchise that will also help make financial resources available as they supplement the cost of veteran player salaries, and we need PATIENCE for all these things to come together at the same time. It's not easy, but its the plan (believe it or not, they have one) they have chosen to go with.
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  • 1/27/13
  • DFAB
I've been wanting to see if the Angels would trade us Trumbo if we took on Wells as well. If we took on most of that contract, we shouldn't have to give up much talent.
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  • 1/27/13
  • Gepett0

i doubt they do it

everyone out here in la loves trumbo... he's really overrated by the fans

if they did trade him, theyd want prospects back in addition to us taking on the wells contract

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