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    • Say no to Michael Bourn!
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  • 1/25/13
  • nohan601

He is another version of Jose Reyes... BUT....
with LESS power, batting average, he strikes out a ton, and even though he has more steals, he gets caught more.

Lets be realistic. In 2013 the mets are not going to win.

2014 freeagent outfielders..
Left fielders

Jason Bay (35)
Endy Chavez (36)
Mark DeRosa (39)
Matt Diaz (36)
Ben Francisco (32)
Raul Ibanez (42)
Reed Johnson (37) - $1.6MM club option with a $150K buyout
Austin Kearns (34)
Jason Kubel (32) - $7.5MM club option with a $1MM buyout
Nate McLouth (32)
Mike Morse (32)
David Murphy (32)
Xavier Nady (35)
Laynce Nix (33)
Martin Prado (30)
Ryan Raburn (33)
Delmon Young (28)

Center fielders

Alfredo Amezaga (36)
Rick Ankiel (34)
Coco Crisp (34) - $7.5MM club option with a $1MM buyout
Rajai Davis (33)
Jacoby Ellsbury (30)
Carlos Gomez (28)
Curtis Granderson (33)
Franklin Gutierrez (31) - $7.5MM club option with a $500K buyout
Tony Gwynn Jr. (31)
Nyjer Morgan (33)
Andres Torres (36)
Chris Young (30) - $11MM club option with a $1.5MM buyout

Right fielders

Carlos Beltran (37)
Endy Chavez (36)
Shin-Soo Choo (31)
Nelson Cruz (33)
David DeJesus (34) - $6.5MM club option with a $1.5MM buyout
Chris Denorfia (33)
Mark DeRosa (39)
Matt Diaz (36)
Jeff Francoeur (30)
Corey Hart (32)
Xavier Nady (35)
Nyjer Morgan (33)
Hunter Pence (31)
Ichiro Suzuki (40)
Ryan Sweeney (29)

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  • 1/25/13
  • thebobymon
I wanna know what the 2020 FA market looks like...
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  • 1/25/13
  • nvmets10
I'm still not quite understanding why the fact that they aren't poised to contend in 2013 means you shouldn't sign Bourn. Do we not have an entire outfield of holes? Is the team going to cease to exist in 2014 if he's brought in?
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  • 1/25/13
  • edmet
bourn at the right price is a better fit than most of the guys on this list. if boras offers the right $ deal are we really going to pass for a mystery #11 pick that may never see the bigs? we have a nicely stocked farm right now at lower levels, we can go for bourn. we picked up 3 legit prospects for dickey, plus buck. bourn helps entire team offense and defense. he might mean 1/3 a run per game offense and defense combined for all our starters which could increase the in season trade value of santana,marcum. don't scoff: he can score 100 runs, drive in 50, save another 25 with his glove. conversly,the outfield we have right now will cost us big time. BASEBALL 101: PITCHING PITCHING PITCHING AND BE STRONG UP THE MIDDLE! and suppose we pass on bourn and our #11 pick decides he wont sign for slot! that could happen. we failed to sign one of our picks last yr even tho he was willing to sign for slot.
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  • 1/25/13
  • hamp
I couldn't agree more.....We are desperate for an every day CF with speed.....He is a perfect fit,......is he going to the HOF........No but he's a very good player and as you already pointed out run wise he makes us far more competitive.....
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  • 1/25/13
  • metthunder

GM Hahn said that the White Sox haven't shopped Dayan Viciedo but added that no one is untouchable, tweets Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune. It was reported last month that the White Sox discussed deals involving Viciedo and Alejandro De Aza.


it might take trading Murphy or Duda or ? But for the money it would take to get Bourn ....

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