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    • Delmon Young
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  • 1/23/13
  • skorpio520

Ok,for about 3 days ive been watching ppl post about how the filthys signed Delmon Young and we didnt..he hit 18 hr's,yadda yadda...im gonna remind ppl of something.
Rick Reed.
He pitched his heart out for us for 6 years.always won more than he lost.his worst record with us was 12-12 so even is his worst year was good .Yet,for his first two years ppl hated him.reason one-He was A replacement player.reason two-he hid it using a fake name.Alan Hunt.It wasnt until his third year when he won 15 games for us that he was accepted.Before that ppl blasted him,called him A scab,A wanna be mlb player even though he had a career in the mlb before 1994.It didnt matter though.

How things have changed.Now some ppl,probably some of the same ones that blasted rick reed,Benny agbayani,Kevin Millar,Joe Crawford and others that had the audasity to still wanna play the game when everyone else went on strike, are upset that we didnt sign Delmon Young.
Someone who has made himself look like A racist prik with no respect for anyone elses beliefs or heritage.Arrested on A hate crime.Drunk or not, most ppl have A tendency to be more honest when they are drunk.So to me,That was who he is.
This is who we are upset about not signing? Yet,keeping replacement player (crawford) and signing another (Reed) was bad?

Baseball is A buisness.I get that.However how far does A guy have to go before he becomes untouchable? Is that the image we wanted? A jewish hating player on A jewish owned team?
Theres gotta be A line we where we say.."No,I dont care how good he is.Look at what hes done." This teams image is bad enough as it is to some ppl.Hes the last person we needed.
It apparently doesnt matter over there in Philly.I,for one,am glad it matters,atleast A little bit,here.

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