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    • Wheeler & Syndergaard rated 4th & 10th MLB pitching prospect
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  • 1/22/13
  • gilforhof
Came from Jonathan Mayo on MLB.com, its still there.
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  • 1/22/13
  • gilforhof
If its any consolation to you, the fans voting there place Wheeler #2. May all be from Mets fans, but its there.
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  • 1/22/13
  • 86mex17
They'll be fine now we just have to wait.
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  • 1/22/13
  • thagreat1
I think Wheeler is higher than fourth as well however I find it a little odd good that Noah is at ten and he's still so young and 2 years away from playing in the Bigs.. This may indicate next year or so he will be in top 3
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