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    • What's funnier: Sandy, or Duda's play in the OF?
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  • 1/21/13
  • fargol
One other option - people who are overreacting to the joke.
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  • 1/21/13
  • swimmer000
you can choose to be a fan of another team, perhaps?
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  • 1/21/13
  • JoseJose
Good points! A GM joking about severe deficiencies in his team is not funny to fans of the team.
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  • 1/21/13
  • Gepett0

what i find funny is that the same fans who are all up in arms about this are the exact same who laughed at the photoshopped image of sandy introducing an imaginary OF'er w./ the phrase "te'o ing" underneath

so basically unhappy fans make a joke, sandy becomes aware of that joke, sandy makes reference to that oke, said fans scream that the state of the mets of is not a joke, even though they themselves made that joke 15 min earlier....

THAT is what I find funny

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  • 1/21/13
  • JoseJose
I did not know he was referencing a Teo joke. So what exactly happened? Did fans do this to him and he said that on the spot, or did he bring it up?
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  • 1/21/13
  • Gepett0

its been an internet sensation the last few days....ive seen at least 3 different running internet jokes about this in the days preceding sandy's comments ...at least 2 were posted on this message board

imo it was pretty clear that he was aware of the internet presence of jokes connecting the mets of situation to the te'o thing

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  • 1/22/13
  • JoseJose
Lol lol lmoa lmoa - you know how to be a fan and others don't lmoa lmoa. You have no life and post on this board 24/7 - not about the team but other posters lmoa lmoa lol lol - and you write lmoa and lol a lot because you have the mentality of a teenage girl lmoa. You are on ignore which means I don't see your messages but you still post to me - hmmm...who lacks comprehension? LOL LMOA. I chose to read this one post - thank you for confirming my decision to put you on ignore, where back you will go for good - Your posts are useless drivel - I have no problem disagreeing with other posters but you are obviously ridiculous - LMOA LOL LMOA LOL LMOA - keep typing LOL and LMOA after every worthless post you make - it makes you look really smart LOLOLOLOL LMOA!!!
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