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    • Piazza 9/11 Home Run
  • To:All
  • 1/15/13
  • TheAmazins09

I was listening to Macklemore's song "My Oh My," if you never heard of it you should check it out, its a great dedication to the Seattle Mariners deceased broadcaster Dave Niehaus. It actually inspired me to wrong a song about Piazza's 9/11 Home Run that I wanted to share on the web and see what people think about it.
Youtube link to "My Oh My".....> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvNQWQSwmow

My lyrics "It's Just a Game"

A City all bruised up
with a mess on their hands
but a full house nonetheless
with a somber crowd in the stands
They all tuned into that game
To that place unchanged
when the P.A. said his name
the whole crowd went insane
that’s our star at the plate
Yeah, and I still remember that date
C’mon and lift us up
Cuz we’re all down on our luck
And we could use a boost
From the man who rules the roost
Cuz tonight the whole cities yours
And we’ve opened all our doors
In hopes you’ll complete all your chores
And bring life back to the city that needs
Too settle a score

The 0-2 to Piazza
crushed towards right field
Andruw Jones on the run
He looks up and ITS OUTTA HERE!
the crowd stood revered
As our star rounded the bases
Yes! The smile on peoples faces
erased the frowns that they wore
This was not just a game
As far as the crowd could see
This was their return to normalcy
The events that took place
Could never erase their spirit
Cause at this very moment
The City was back from the attack
That drove them into mourning
And with that crack of the bat
Their hero was born as the new day was

And as that moment went on
the crowds mood grew light
They knew to savor that night
In the familiar confines of Shea
That dreaded day was replayed
But, with one swing of that bat
That broken City was lifted
One simple game that had shifted
The hopeless feeling in town
Brought them back to the day
When those two towers stood tall
It was all that they needed
To rise up and beat it
Like when Piazza went deep
The crowd knew they’ll defeat it
I still remember that scene
the whole crowd stood up to scream
like the noise could somehow say
"We will stand united"
You may have taken our loved ones away
But their memories remain in us
With us
Through us
Yeah it may just be a game
But all the same look how it healed us

And the hope that came with it
However small, was theirs to hold
no one could take it from them
not even what preceded it
One man even succeeded it
Cause in this night The City needed it,
one day was all it took for a city to despair
one game was all it took for a city to be repaired

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