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    • My 2013 Met Stat predictions
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  • 1/15/13
  • goetzcougar34

Our roster is clearly unfinished, I will only make predictions for who is on our team right now. Please share your thoughts!
Buck: 232 avg 6hr 27rbi
D'Arnaud: .286 13hr 46rbi

Davis: .271avg 34hr 107rbi
Murphy: .296avg 8hr 59rbi
Tejada: .274 avg 2hr 44rbi
Wright: .306 avg 26hr 104rbi

Duda: .267avg 19hr 72rbi
Kirk: .263 avg 14hr 60rbi
Baxter: .271 avg 7hr 43rbi
Cowgill: .280 avg 10 hr 40 rbi
Brown: .244 avg 7hr 32 rbi

Santana: 11-8 3.82 era
Harvey: 13-9 3.14 era
Niese: 15-10 3.64 era
Gee: 10-11 4.20 era
Mejia?: 5-6 4.66 era
Wheeler: 5-3 3.48 era

Bullpen: Mess

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  • 1/15/13
  • Kranesback
1. I think the outfield numbers are unrealistic.
2. When do you see Darnaud replacing Buck at catcher. (I could see it as early as Memorial Day or as late as Labor Day).
3. I think we'll see a big dropoff from Wright which will be blamed on the WBC. (I think you just used the Baseball Reference projections).
4. With our anemic offense and horrible bullpen, I'll be surprised if more than one of our starters finishes over .500 and if the one that does is not Santana.
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  • 1/15/13
  • alfolerud

Why do these koolaiders think that every single AAA scrub in our OF will over perform, and not just over perform expectations, but will actually hit like a solid MLB OFer? I've never seen a less realistic bunch than the rabid koolaid fans.

Wright is a lock to regress. His contract will start to look terrible by May.

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  • 1/15/13
  • Kranesback
These guys are just being optimistic and most of them are not insulting babies like you know who, so let them hopr for the best...but between the WBC and the new contract I think we'll see something like 15/75/.290 from Whiffboy.
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  • 1/15/13
  • alfolerud
That sounds about right for him. Also, sounds about right for the face of a pathetic franchise.
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  • 1/15/13
  • MetObserver
And why do you and alfie boy think that will happen with Wright all of a sudden?
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  • 1/15/13
  • Kranesback
Not really all of a sudden:
1. He's been in decline for a few years and last year's second half was a major dropoff.
2. He's fat and happy with his big contract now, but as the season progresses and he sees how bad we are, he will regret not becoming a FA and going to a contender, and it will be reflected in his numbers.
3. His playing in the WBC will have a negative effect (as it has for many others and as being in the HR derby a couple of years ago did for him).
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  • 1/15/13
  • alfolerud
Did you see Whiffboy's second half splits? They were terrible. That's why I think he will flop this season.
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Message 547574.9 was deleted
  • 1/15/13
  • 4545_ajd

"Wright is a lock to regress."

If you want to know why your posts gets attacked more than others it's because of definitive like this.

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  • 1/15/13
  • alfolerud
Keep attacking my positions. That's what this forum is for. As long as I don't get attacked personally, I'm good to go.
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  • 1/15/13
  • Kranesback
I di not say I expected him to hit .135, but I think 15/75/.290 going forward is about right.
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